Tuesday, October 21, 2014

600 + a bit of random

Wow! So this is my 600th post? I should've ordered balloons...and CAKE. I am not sure this necessarily means I have had something fabulous or important to say 600 times, making me even more appreciative that you keep coming back.

Some of you even come out of the computer to visit. Yes, the red carpet and a makeshift raincoat were rolled out this afternoon for Flat Lillian! Even the rain couldn't dampen her spirit! There was so much awesome in her first class travel compartment envelope with her, I had tears of joy, then laughter, then just overall giddiness. I will share each item eventually, but do not want to overwhelm you with jealousy.

I retrieved my parents from the airport this morning returning from their European vacation. I think they fared better than Chevy Chase, but still had tales to tell. My mother gave me some "emergency" Swiss chocolate for my daughter, to tide her over until the suitcases actually get unpacked. I was alarmed as I thought the magnets were trickery...
Seriously? They highlight the fact that there are magnets? Swiss magnets? Are those a thing? It is SWISS CHOCOLATE under that scenic paper! That cow and flag are not distracting me.

And now, this week's random from the coupon circular. Do not fear the sock goblin...
...actually, go ahead! In fact, be terrified!



  1. Congrats on the 600th post. That is an accomplishment.

    I can't wait to see what else came in the mail!

  2. There's a Stephen King story waiting to be written about those creepy baby dolls and their accessories.

  3. Julia is hideous. Favorite Young Man dated a Julia. She was an alcoholic. They broke up because she stayed in bed, drunk most of the time. I detested Julia. I even hate the name Julia now. Just so you know, at the time he didn't know that she stayed in bed because she was drunk. He was at work. He thought she was lazy. He sympathized with her when she finally admitted she had a drinking problem. I don't think I've had chocolate from Switzerland. Do they promote milk chocolate, or do they have the dark chocolate that's kind of bitter like you can get in Europe? I love dark chocolate.


  4. That is one ugly baby. (Remember the ugly baby from a Seinfeld episode?) And here's to another 600!

  5. Wow! 600! After looking at Julia I'm thinking you might want to skip post #666...


  6. WooHoo! Congrats on 600 posts! And apparently I have about 50 to catch up on, give or take. ;)

    Mmmmmm! Chocolate! Wait, and magnets too? Double score!

    Love the idea of the Sock Goblin - the doll....meh. :)

    Hmmm...and now I'm thinking I need to flatten myself to fit into your mailbox...if you smell that funny smell, it's the gears in my brain working overtime. Or just working. Whatever.

  7. Compared to Spawn as a baby, Julia looks like the love child of Venus.

    Congratulations on reaching 600 posts!

  8. Well done on getting to 600. Although, I do want to curse you as you have cursed me with that horrifying baby demon, but I cannot, not on this milestone.

  9. Wow! 600 posts....that's pretty impressive! You totally deserved those magnets in recognition of your accomplishment. ;)

  10. Congratulations on your 600th post! That is epic!! YAY you!

  11. 600?!! Yay!!!! Quite an accomplishment, if you ask me. And I can speak with authority when I insist that actual Swiss chocolate is perfection. Right in your mouth!

  12. Congrats on 600!!!
    Now go eat some cake.