Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Howdy, Random!

Howdy, Partner! I do believe there is some sort of festivities coming up this weekend...

...or as Fozzie would say, "I hate Halloween AND my hat is backwards!"

Today is National Chocolate Day, and I am sure you cannot fathom how I chose to celebrate! In a related story, here is a very special personal tin of chocolates my mother brought me back from Amsterdam. Mmmmmm!

I know that the pumpkins aren't even completely rotten yet, but the creepy elves have been perched for weeks already. This display at the mall was not to be passed by though, as with both of my kids' names sitting right next to each other, I felt I had no option but to buy them...I am not proud.

We only have a few more hours to celebrate National Chocolate Day, so let's get back to it!



  1. Already with the Christmas decorations?!? I mean, I get kismet and all that, but Christmas already? And do we have to celebrate Chocolate Day with real chocolate or can I make due with the weird pseudo-chocolate that Nestles peddles?

  2. BJs has had their decorations up since mid Sept. Walmart was a close second. Those elves on a shelf are creepy.

  3. That elf is creepy! Seems like it would be better as a Halloween decoration instead.

    If I saw my kid's name on a decoration, I'd have to buy it, as well!

  4. Happy Chocolate Day! I went to Lowe's on Sunday to buy plants and potting soil. I couldn't believe the huge display of Christmas trees and inflatable yard decorations. It was frightening.


  5. Dude...there's a day specifically for chocolate and I didn't know about it?????

    That's reason enough to drink wine!!


  6. Ahhh, you fell for it. Don't you realize the evil of the creepy elves? Do you really think it was a coincidence your kids names were there....side by side?? Don't say I didn't warn you....with those in the house, sleep with one eye open my friend!

  7. I thought everyday for National Chocolate Day!

    Your kid's names side by side? That's pure devilry right there. It' s Satan's way of ensuring that those Elves on the shelf sell.

  8. Aw dang, you mean I missed it? Well, I will have to make up for it pronto. Fozzie is rootin' tootin' adorable. :D

  9. Dogs in hats are what is right and good with America.
    Put that on a bumper sticker.

  10. Just one correction, the candy was handmade, maybe by an elf, in Heidelberg, Germany. Hope you enjoyed them.