Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Assorted random

Hey, you're just in time, there's still some fudge left...
Seriously? Who leaves this much? My daughter, princess of the long good-bye.

OK, this tidbit (Ooh, Tidbits! Remember those thin oval shaped Cheez-It type things? Can you still buy those?) was hand delivered (hence the absence of the red carpet). My dear former work friend, then facebook and blogger friend, and most recently jewelry making and lunch friend, Gina presented this bit of wonderful to me last week.
It was like an early Christmas gift! How is this only $9.95?! Maybe the lack of odor keeps the price down.

Sometimes kids like to cuddle baby dolls, and apparently sometimes baby dolls like to cuddle...
 ...oh for goodness sake! Keep looking away dolly! Somebody tell my nephew to keep track of his stuff! Thank you to my sister for not only sending, but allowing me to share this fabulous window into her life with three kids - 5, 3 and almost 1.

Time to get back to the to-do list, and possibly add some things that I already did...and put "bake cookies" on it!

Carry on with the random...


  1. I have got to get that teddy bear for my husband. I keep matches next to my chair and on my nightstand for his frequent and smelly explosions, and everyone calls him 'The Big Teddy' because he's a bear of a guy.

  2. Now I really want some fudge! Not so much with the farting teddy bear, though. Ew.

  3. I need a farting bear.
    And some of those cheezits.

  4. The guy in the pic with the farting teddy, is obviously mentally unstable. Look at his face.
    Got a farting real life teddy of my own, so I'll pass on this one.

  5. A farting bear??? What is this you say???

  6. What is in the baby doll's arms? Is that an athletic supporter? Ick. No choice to burn that baby doll or you risk having an Annabelle situation on your hands (demon possessed doll, in this case, the demon of testicular sweat).

    1. Oh yes, that is my 5 year old nephew's athletic "apparel"!

  7. I want a farting bear!! Oh wait--I live with two.

  8. My dad has a remote-control farter. (Not a teddy bear tho.) He used to hide it under different chairs during meetings at work and then let fly. Silly ole prankster. :P


  9. OMG! Where did your friend get that farting teddy bear? I MUST get one for the hubby for one of his Christmas presents!!!! :)

    Glad the dolly was looking away...look away, dolly, look away!!! :)

  10. Every home needs a farting Teddy! :D
    What would we do without them?
    Did you know that my nickname for my husband is Teddy? :/