Sunday, October 12, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Brand

It has been quite some time since I shared the story, and first draft, of Pedomemom's logo. Here she is again...
There has been a bit of talk recently about branding and logos and other technical terms that I can only pretend to understand. I kept trying to decide if I should let Pedomemom be part of that dialogue. She has been sort of lurking in the background these days (and believe me, she is not happy about that). I realized that I never shared the results of her second pass through hair and makeup (aka the desexyfying chamber). Here is how she ended up...
I remember back when her file arrived, I sort of got focused on how her pedometer didn't really look like mine. Then I got my hair cut and wondered if she needed a trim as well. Yes, THESE are the sorts of things that keep me from forward progress. 

The other day, when I forced myself to reconsider these logos for a few minutes, I wondered if version one should win just for simply being the more amusing of the two. As someone who not only wears a cape here and there, but also has a weekly habit of pointing out the ridiculous, isn't she kind of perfect? Plus, if you are going to have an alter ego, why not go big (and sexy, and impractical)? Of course, then I had to find some arguments in favor of version two. She is more practical, and at least has a pedometer. She may have better ideas for how we spend our time and powers. Yes, she is more of who I would aspire to be.

Get your rally cap Pedomemom and prepare for a comeback!
Any thoughts?


  1. Think I prefer version two. But like you said, in caricature almost anything goes.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. Number 2. Number 1 looks photoshopped.

  3. I like the 2nd one too. but I still read it as Pedomom.

  4. Bring the sexy back! Except for the high heels, because that's just silly.

  5. Number 1 has my hips but Number 2 looks more professional.

  6. They're both hot. They make me want to go out and walk right now. And it's rainy and windy and generally just crap outside.


  7. I'll take either one of their boobies.