Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The sun played a nasty trick on me just a little while ago. It was all shiny and stuff, so I could think of no good excuse to not go for a walk. I was fresh on the heels of a pancake brunch that was seriously threatening to glue me to the couch. The battery on my pedometer was a bit unpredictable yesterday, but after confirming that I did have steps registering, I threw on a few more layers and headed out. The sun was shining! What was the point in checking the temperature, as I am not sure what the magic number for a change of plans would have been. Suffice to say, I now have some idea. It was cold out you guys! Not like "duh, it's winter" cold, more like "this is why you own a balaclava" (and why the hell didn't you wear it) cold. I trucked along figuring I just needed to get more blood pumping. Twenty-four minutes later, I checked the weather report when I got back inside to find that the windchill was -2.

Speaking of things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy...Yesterday, at my daughter's school, a ninth grade girl hit another girl in the head with a hammer. Initial reports were that she had brought the hammer from home, and that premeditation piece was rather disturbing. Later it was said that she had actually gone to one of the tech rooms and grabbed the hammer, and that level of planning was no less disturbing. I am not sure what we are to expect the school to do to insure that such a scary ass thing does not happen again in the future, because who the hell thought this was a possible scenario? This girl is also said to be the same child who slammed a girl's head against the ground a couple of years ago back in middle school...with her mother's permission. I vaguely recall that story, but no explanation of why such permission was sought, let alone granted, let alone whether any of that would have made a difference.

Hmmm...that last bit doesn't really segue easily into any other bits of random. I'll just skip a few lines and give us each a second to regroup...

I have created a monster by passing on my collector genes to my son. Back in 2012, I gave the first glimpse into a few of our collections and the quests associated with them. We are on the thirteenth series of Lego minifigures, but my son has taken on his own journey into madness by seeking out certain amiibos for the WiiU. If you don't know what they are, consider yourself lucky. I am trying really hard to let him conduct this search solo, but admit to stopping by four stores on his behalf last Friday. (In my defense, I was passing all four stores anyway. Really, I was.) The obsession grew to ebay, more than initial selling price levels. I cannot pretend I don't understand how or why this is happening.

Don't I have any photos this week? Sheesh! Oh, I tried to get one of Fozzie this morning when he found himself a little chilly out in the yard, just sitting there like a meerkat with both front feet in the air. Somehow the sight of the camera gave him enough power to get himself back to the house.

Aha! Luckily I saw this sand trap while we were cross-country skiing on a golf course before I landed in it!
Aaand, evidence that I cooked something following a recipe that required more than adding water to the contents of a box! Meet my new friends leek, swiss chard and purple potato.

Well that appears to be all of the random I can gather for this week. Plus, my fingers are getting very cold typing!

Note: When I googled balaclava to make sure I spelled it correctly, one popped up from Dolce & Gabbana for $1,622.50…granted it is embellished.

Stacy Uncorked


  1. That's more than a little disturbing about that girl. Wow. And her mother was OK w/ the first attack? They both need serious mental health counseling.

  2. I'd better dash to Dolce & Gabbana before they run out. When I was a reporter, I covered the story of a girl in middle school who had a hit list. All the "popular" kids, such as cheerleaders, were on it. A parent told me the girl had been very strange for a long time and had threatened other students in the past. When I called the middle school principal, he of course couldn't tell me any details about the story, but he said the girl would not be returning to the middle school. I don't know if she was shipped off to a school that could perhaps meet her needs, or if she was hospitalized. It's impossible to protect children in school. We have to be ready to step up and point out potential problems and try to work with administrators who are fed up.


  3. Sad what children do to one another these days. But we don't let them express displeasure or anger in any meaningful ways any more. Our middle school principle was a very smart man, I believe. When he caught boys in a heated disagreement, he took them to the gym and put boxing gloves on them and let them duke it out. Usually it ended with them friends, or at least respecting one another. Zero tolerance is the devil in disguise.

  4. Oh my! That is frightening! She is one to stay clear of. I have met a couple of bad parents and dysfunctional families in my adventures, but that has got to be one of the scariest.

    Brrrrr is right. Poor Fozzie. So glad I don't have to relieve myself in the wind chill.

  5. What a sad world we live in when you cant feel safe sending your kids to school...just awful.....I am so sorry to say this but we have some very disturbed young adults but if the mom was ok with the first attack lets just say she is not getting the best guidance at home.

  6. If we lived near each other, and you had called to tell me that you were going to go walking, I would have mentioned the windchill, I promise!

    Larry and Zane have more fun hunting for their collectibles than actually getting them. Is that odd? Lol, I can't tell!