Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for...

Welcome Back Kotter

Shows I was watching in the seventies is my theme for the A-Z challenge this April.

How I loved this show, and how I loved this song from the very first measure. Slightly melancholy, but I can still feel the anticipation it always conjured up of getting to spend thirty minutes with the Sweathogs.

There was not a character on this show that I didn't like, right down to Mr. Woodman. Vinnie, Epstein, Freddy, Horseshack...go ahead, have yourself a class reunion and let the memories wash over you. Up your nose with a rubber hose? Yeah, I thought so.

Epstein's mother


  1. Andrea, this was really a fun show for me as well. Have yourself a great week this week!

  2. You know when you do that heavy sigh of wistfulness? I just did that.
    This was shown a few years after it aired in the States, so I must have been around 11 when I first saw this, but I remember
    being completely hypnotized by that theme tune. Still love it, hence why I'm now playing it on a loop. Wonderful. *does heavy sigh of wistfulness*

  3. Remember Hotsy Totsy? lol Yeah I loved this show. I even had WBK book covers for my textbooks in 7th grade. Great theme song too.

  4. I liked this one, too. All of the characters were so much fun.

  5. LOVED this show! Vinnie Barbarino! xoxo -

  6. Although I grew up during the sixties and seventies, I never saw a lot of the popular TV shows. Sometimes my mom didn't allow me to watch them because she decreed them "crap." Sometimes we didn't get the channel they were on (we were the last people in the world to get a color TV that picked up more than two channels). Sometimes I was too busy reading and debating and practicing the piano and all that good stuff. So I never saw Welcome Back, Kotter, but I've heard of it many times, and I know a certain Mr. Travolta was on the show.


  7. All this month I ahve had these theme songs running through my head. Lol. I can't remember what I went upstairs for but I can remember all the words to this theme song. How sad is that?

  8. That show was great...until the season where John Travolta got another gig and only showed up on like three episodes. I still have affection for Gabe Kaplan (yeah, that's from memory, eat it, IMDB!) even when he pops up playing poker on weird ESPN shows. Also, "sweathog" still makes me gag. So gross.