Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for...


Shows I was watching in the seventies is my theme for the A-Z challenge this April.

I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid. Now I pout every Saturday morning because the same old junk is on tv when I flop on the couch with my breakfast. The thrill of the once a week shows is gone, and it seems like even the decent cartoons that have come along have either left or aren't on in that coveted time slot (or my kids are just lying to me, knowing full well that I am ill-equipped to navigate the television remote on my own). Can a girl just get a little Speed Buggy or Rocky and Bullwinkle to go with her Cheerios?

Maybe part of my special connection with Underdog was that my last name started with a "U", and there he was making that sometimes awkward and uncommon letter seem cool. His outfit had kind of a bizarre fit about it, but he made it work. 
Despite watching this Underdog intro, the song I cannot get out of my head this morning is the Mighty Mouse theme. It's like I have some cartoon superhero caper mash-up going on in my brain!

Always rooting for the Underdog!


  1. I loved this show. But where I grew up it was part of the weekday cartoon block and I really only got to see it when I was home sick, along with my personal fave, Kimba the White Lion. Wally Cox....classic voice actor and actor.

  2. You just can't beat the old cartoons. Underdog, Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes etc.. The stuff now is CRAP

  3. Too many channels have too many cartoons. I liked Underdog. My dad's favorite was Road Runner.


  4. I loved Underdog - I think it was my favorite cartoon growing up :)