Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S is for...

Sanford and Son

Shows I was watching in the seventies is my theme for the A-Z challenge this April.

It's time for some junkyard groove...

Some of the shows have taken a gentle prodding to bring me right back to our television set in the seventies. I will remember the general gist, but then as I pull up the theme song and cast, I am amazed by the larger than life characters who had slipped my mind. Let's face it, thinking about Sanford and Son, this is probably what we think of right before, or after, the theme song...
I loved Lamont and Fred, with his old man walk. I enjoyed the times when Grady stopped by as well, but how did I need a reminder about Esther?


  1. No one could fake a heart attack like Fred Sanford. Yep, that is the thing I think of right after the Theme song.

  2. I know I saw a few episodes of this show but it wasn't on my family's radar, really....and if my parents weren't watching it then I didn't since we just had the one TV. I really couldn't relate to it either.

  3. I loved this show! We were in a meeting a few years ago and one of the young staff was telling a story about a man named Fred Sanford. Everyone in the room over 45 grabbed their chest and yelled Elizabeth at the same time. The "youngsters" thought we had all lost it. We had to explain it to them. LOL

  4. It really was a very funny show, but I didn't watch it very often. Must have been something on another channel to catch my attention.