Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 39 - Snacking is fine!

I looked around and haven't seen the competition, but in the event that she is planning some sort of point tallying, contest busting portfolio, I shall keep going. Sometimes it is difficult to get motivated without a snack, would you agree? Have you tried Snapea Crisps?

Dear Snapeas in a Pod,

My daughter and I are huge fans of your Snapea Crisps. I could not win her over to the black pepper variety, but that just means we each get our own bag, and I don’t have to share.

I appreciate any snack that does not leave me full of shame if I go over the serving size, or even eat the whole bag. (This is not to say that I eat a whole bag at one sitting, but if I did…)

Every time I reach in the cupboard for your crisps, I am comforted by the nutritional benefits, and baffled by how they come to be. I find myself looking over the ingredient list, curiosity peaking. Is a Snapea what happens to peas in the way that corn becomes a tortilla chip? The reality is that I do not need to know. They are yummy. Case closed.

I see you have Lentil Snaps now. This is exciting and intriguing news!

Happily snacking,

I did not hear back from the magical mystery folks who make Snapea Crisps, but we continue to enjoy their product just the same!

Current point total remains at 77


  1. Andrea, I'll have to check out the label and give these a try. But what I've found so often is that these products put something that looks healthy in the ad, then load it up with sugar or fat for taste. Will see how they fit into my diet.

  2. I can't recall seeing those in the store....will have to check them out. They are good eh?

  3. I love how you pretend to never have eaten a whole bag.......(M&M's?? Cadbury eggs?? Twizzlers??) LOL

  4. Hehehe. My daughter loves these! Hopefully, the good folks over there will write back soon.

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