Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 37 - Are we getting even*

*Let's pretend that rhymes

Now seems like a good time to update you all on how twitter played into the contest. We didn't necessarily set out rules ahead of time for how we were going to handle twitter feedback, but since I don't see Marianne around, I think I will set forth an addendum now. I hereby declare that these point values will be assigned:

  • 1/2 point for the company favoriting the tweet regarding the post
  • 1/2 point for a tweeted response from a company that had already sent a letter
  • 1 point for an actual tweeted message from a previously unresponsive company

Here is what that means for my desperate plea updated point total:

  • 1/2 point for Juicy Juice tweeting me since they had sent a letter and coupons
  • 1 point for Gamewright, who tweeted that they never got the letter. There was much conversation back and forth, as well as them posting my poem on their facebook page after I resent the letter.
  • 1/2 point for Old El Paso for tweeting since they had also sent a letter and coupons
  • 1 point for Stew Leonard's who tweeted and apologized
  • for not getting letter and responding
  • 1 point for the letter Stew Leonard Junior personally wrote and sent to me

Funseekers are still planning their next outing

  • 1 point for Swiffer, who tweeted some love
  • 1/2 point for Byrne Dairy favoriting  my tweet

Let's see where that brings us! 
I was at 67 points + 5 1/2 points = 72 1/2 points (that half could be critical, you just never know)


  1. you're totally whipping ass

  2. What's Stew Leonard? I assume it's some kind of stew, but I don't remember it from the contest. Why did Stew need to apologize? Are you cheating by sneaking in all this last minute stuff about tweets? If you're cheating, then I say, You are my kind of woman.