Sunday, March 8, 2015

Superhero Sunday - On hold

I had some super upcycling (despite the campaign calling it #recycleyourperiodpad, I just can't) plans for this Sunday, but then this happened…
 …and this...
 …and now a little bit of this...
…oh, and something going on here in the window too...
I can only be so super with one less hour in the day to do so, the towels can only soak up so much, plus they keep landing on the floor, sooooo...
3, 2, 1…waiting for teen daughter to see where I was headed, since she said she decided not to ask.
Aaaaaaaand..."Mum, what did you do?" (Feel free to inquire as to other cool tips for ways to impress your teenagers.)


  1. Oh crap. I have been nervously looking at the ceilings here too.....the thaw has started and we have a lot of snow and ice up there on the roof....

  2. So funny! Sorry that you have sprung a leak. The snow gets under the shingles and as it melts there is often a disaster in the dripping. Hope it isn't a bad situation for you. I came to visit from Janie's blog, so congrats on winning the prize drawing. I'll be back soon. Love your sense of humor.

  3. We've got two big leaks...under a slate roof. To the tune of $1200. Each.

  4. So sorry about the leak, but hell, I had to laugh when I saw the last few pictures. Priceless.

  5. One can never say your not a "thinker" as well as a "mover & shaker". You continue to impress me with your outside the box approach to practical solutions. 👍 You go girl !! Bust out those "stain free maxi's as Alex's calls them !!