Friday, March 13, 2015

And the winner is...

We interrupt the usual Friday contest post to update you on the book giveaway contest!

The following video shows the highly scientific method used to select the winner. It apparently also serves as evidence as to what a mess my desk away from desk is, why I do not have a show on HGTV,   why Fozzie does not have a show on Animal Planet, and why it is important to have qualified camera operators. Without further ado, here is the winner (scroll down if you can't wait the seventy-one seconds)…

Congratulations JoJo
Email me at 
so we can get your book out to you!

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Keija on a phenomenal read!


  1. WHOO HOOO!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! Sweet! I'm so excited! Thank you! I'll email you now!

  2. I AM jealous of your fabulousness! But my kids are much more talented at name picking than Fozzie. So there! :p

  3. Drat. Well, I guess it probably would have gone to waste anyway since I'm illiterate. (Dictated to my beautiful slave boy.)

  4. Hahaha! Well, that was fun. Congrats, JoJo!

  5. Hahaha! Well, that was fun. Congrats, JoJo!