Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thawing out the random

I definitely see some yard where it is supposed to be. Never mind the four foot snow bank resting on part of my front garden. Maybe it is a new irrigation system.

So tomorrow is April, and that means the a-z challenge is starting. The big question is whether or not I will be starting with it. My alphabet is all filled in, just waiting for a dose of ambition. I thought of a different theme yesterday, but then tried to draw my attention to that completed list. I am just concerned for the five of you who hang out here, as I want your visits to be pleasant ones. Without being able to offer you fresh baked goods, I am at a loss.

I have been trying to sort through old photos. The process is more like: Where is that photo I need? Found it, moving on! I just sort of leave the same miss mash in my wake. I do recall wishing I could locate this gem…
Sure, I was looking for something else at the time, but hey, crazy eggplant for the win!

Stacy Uncorked


  1. Andrea, I'll look forward to you A-Z challenge, and I do like that crazy eggplant with one arm!

  2. Ummmm...I don't think that's an arm.


  3. HAHAHA My dad grew an eggplant with a nose once. lol Good luck with the A-Z. I'm not participating this year but I'll be visiting blogs.

  4. A looking forward to your A-Z. That's quite an eggplant. And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

  5. that is a crazy eggplant! good luck with your A-Z challenge - I haven't been brave enough to tackle that one yet.

  6. Ooh, your A-Z is taking me down memory lane again! I'm such a TV junkie. Your eggplant looks very happy. Happy Easter!