Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A wee bit o' the random

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(Trying to make use of the snow. I fear I am going to be drawing easter bunnies on it as well!)

I knew this day was coming when I saw the "green" frosting at Wegman's.
Seriously? I almost asked them what the hell was going on with their food coloring (the potpourri of sprinkles didn't make much sense either though, truth be told), but I like to think I have better things to worry about! 

I mean, I could be out correcting people's spelling instead.

Or I could curl up on the couch to wait until it's time to throw my reuben in the pan! Yes, I think I'll go with that!

Stacy Uncorked


  1. Eww that frosting looks rank. Happy St Patrick's Day to you

  2. Maybe it's pistachio frosting? Ew. You could hide white eggs for Easter and tell the kids, 'good luck'. hahaha

  3. When we lived in Maryland, some years we had ice in our driveway until June. I wonder if it was like the Titanic's iceberg in some way.


  4. I mean, maybe Wegman's is offering a "shade of green" I guess, maybe, kinda?
    Uh, when you made the shamrocks in the snow, you were using food coloring, right? It would be disturbing if someone did that with uri...something that naturally secreted out of their own, human body.

  5. Reubens make it all better....is that a twinge of hunger I feel?

  6. Last night we had a St. Patty's party, and they served green bread...and I mean Kelly green bread!

  7. Oh, gosh, did you happen to cook me a reuben too?

  8. Yeah, I think I wore a bit of green frosting on my face that day. Ooh, so hard to resist the urge to correct that spelling!