Friday, February 27, 2015

Week 36 - Still in the mix!

Oh hey, hi there! I thought maybe you were the competition stopping by to gloat or something. I may not have been totally prepared to win this contest, but it does seem that I was ready to compete, as I apparently wrote and sent a lot of letters. Up this week is one that will hopefully serve as a reminder to tuck my friend Clairol in the cart next time I am at the store.

Dear Clairol:

I do not necessarily make bad decisions, or maybe I do. Actually, I am confident that I am not good at making decisions as far as the process itself is concerned. What if I make a choice that mocks and saddens me for the rest of eternity, or at the very least, a few months? There are so many hair color choices available for a woman who finds herself on the losing end of the gray hair pulling battle. So many shades. So many, in fact, that I was left undecided as to what color my hair actually was to begin with.

I brought a friend to the store, convinced that she had superior decision-making skills. When she steered me towards the very dark hues, I tried to disagree since I did not think my hair was black, but she seemed very confident in her decision. I felt insecure arguing with her, or the stranger who we had also dragged into the madness. While those two women focused on the precise shade of too dark for me, I caught sight of the writing on the box that said "washes out in twenty-eight shampoos". I took great relief in the fact that I could certainly wash my hair fourteen times a day if things went poorly. I also saw the words "Natural" and "Instinct" on the label, so naturally I followed my instincts in choosing your product. 

A few years ago I left my hair color needs up to a professional in preparation for my sister's wedding. I am the older sister, and preferred to not just look like her old sister. Things went far more red than I might have imagined, and while the photos show a lovely woman who had been through hair and makeup, I am not sure who she is. I then spent over a year with a gradually enlarging beanie taking over my scalp until the time came when a shorter styled haircut left that color on the floor at the hairdresser's. With Clairol Natural Instincts in my hand, and for a very fair price, I bid good-bye to my graying temples and said hello to a new woman of mystery with very dark hair. I embraced the thought of a gentle, all over, fade before picking another shade.

The handy numbers and color names must be great for people without memory issues. I rip the tops off the boxes for safe keeping, in fact, they are so safe they cannot even find their way into my purse. I arrive in the hair color aisle forced to decide what I think I remember as my color of choice. I do not panic though, after simply quadruple checking that I have grabbed the box that says "washes out in twenty-eight shampoos". (Would you consider making that font larger?)

I am also pleased to say that the messes I have made with my wayward dye gloves and bobbling potion bottles have taken less than twenty-eight scrubbings to clean off the walls, vanity, sink, mirror, linoleum, feet and rugs. (Those last two items were connected.)


So did Clairol send a team of color experts knocking at my door? Well, not exactly. The only response I heard was when my first letter was "returned to sender". I quickly resent it out to a different address, but to no avail.

 No points for this letter, so I remain at 67 points. (Currently a two point race!)

Next week I will provide updates that came after some letters were posted…very suspenseful, I know! 


  1. What? WHAT? Return to sender...address unknown? Did you at least have an Elvis sighting? DOES HE USE CLAIROL IN THE SWEET BY AND BY? I demand a response.


  2. How dare they? They won't even accept a letter, or maybe won't give out the correct address. I colored my hair a few times. It looked horrible. I will forever put my golden tresses in the hands of Sam in Orange Park.


  3. I'm anxiously waiting to see what my hair looks like when it grows back in. I'm hoping for some curl, and perhaps some sort of cool gray streak, but knowing me, I'll end up with something less than either.