Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 33 - Maybe it's just me?

Hey! Has anybody seen the competition lately? She is probably off using all of her free products…or writing more letters…or simply got distracted by something shiny? I mean she wouldn't just wander off without telling me, right? I mean, I am sure she is totally still in this contest. No matter, I will just continue to sprint run jog walk stagger to the finish line. (Where on earth IS the finish line?)

Up this week, joining Old El Paso and Near East as the final company in our family's Taco Tuesday Trifecta…Ortega!
March 12, 2014

Dear Spicy Folks,

Our family is so pleased with your fine selection of taco seasoning mixes! We have currently decided that our favorite is a half and half mixture of Chipotle and the 40% less sodium. We get the bonus of a little heat mixed with the knowledge that we lowered our sodium intake a bit. I originally started buying your seasoning mixes when a friend pointed out that your brand was one of the few on the market that did not contain MSG. I like to know that I am stuffing my face with tacos because they are naturally delicious, not because they are enhanced by additives. Ole!

Your taco sauce is a staple here at our house as well, except on the rare occasions when we run out and nobody tells the grocery list. Those are sad taco nights, and the look on my family’s faces makes it almost hard for me to enjoy my own taco due to the guilt, but I manage.

Long live Taco Tuesday,
Mother, blogger and taco eater

So how many packets of taco seasoning did they send me? As many as you can fit in a paper thin business envelope…which would be zero. However, they did read my letter though and respond, for one point, so I am happy.

(at last report Marianne was at 69 points…sooooo close!)

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  1. What? I would have sent an entire crate for that letter! People just don't appreciate good letter writing these days.