Tuesday, February 10, 2015


*yeah, I know, but I am running out of clever** titles for Tuesday posts
**yeah, I know, that wasn't very clever

February is just moving right along, isn't it? I suppose that works for me since I typically crash and burn for this month, just sort of hunker down and wait for it to pass. Of course sometimes the gloom of it all does flow over into March, but we'll rip up that calendar when we get to it. Let's check the photo files to see what distractions the past week held.

Oooh, fancy cloth gowns, where did the flats go?
Why to get flattened in mammoland! Look out girls!
Holy crap! I thought I was going to need a bigger shovel!
Apparently something tried to come visit Fozzie. Silly rabbits.
A nail-biter sudden death double overtime for my brother's team in the state Special Olympic field hockey game. And a win for the silver!
 "I cannot find whoever was looking for me, and I do not care. Let me back inside!"
While others just grabbed a seat and a snow day snack. (It did snow more and I did need a bigger shovel.)
Luckily, she came inside and made a better snack, and fought its threat to escape...
 Mmmm…brownie waffles, or waffle brownies...
The quality control on conversation hearts has hit an all time low this year with words barely hitting the hearts...but when they do hit the mark, they are super sexy!
Hope you've got your own speck of random keeping you warm and sane!

I bet Stacy has some good stuff over at her place!
Stacy Uncorked


  1. Though, you titled this post as "randu(o)m", its interesting to read :)

  2. Ahhh, talk to me about brownie waffles.......I'm intrigued (and now hungry for chocolate). Dang you!

  3. Other than sitting with a heating pad on my back for hours at a time thanks to all the shoveling, not doing much. I hate this weather.

  4. A very amusing post! We had two weeks of steady cold, grey, rainy days here in SE Texas not long ago. Very depressing. Thankfully, we're hitting the 70 degree mark every day now, with sunshine and cool 40 something nights. Love it!

    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  5. I bet if you put Flat Kari in the waffle iron the headaches would completely disappear.

  6. Owwwwwwww, ouch ouch ouch. Nasty mammo machines. But they are powerless against the flat ladies. Because they are already flat. Flat, but full of happy! And ohmygoodness, look at all that snow! It must seem like ice cliffs to poor Fozzie. WAFFLE BROWNIES! You don't need to say anything else. Just Waffle Brownies.

    Congrats to your brother's team! Yay!