Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random remedy?

Well, I tried restoring order to my universe my doing a little organizing, but the problems started when the mission took on some element of project status. I was looking for something. That sentence right there is the one that makes some of those nearest and dearest to me cringe. They all just sort of hold their breath until I locate that which has gone missing. Of course folks can't just turn purple and fall over, no matter how badly they want to do so to escape my frenzy. I was just going to put away the photos I had strewn about our guest room, then I started to think about the project that had caused the clutter (think son's graduation fast approaching), then I remembered stashing something away that would be a perfect addition to my project. I just realized that I am referring to this project in a sort of code...as if my son reads my blog. Seriously now? So I am working on some sort of scrapbook. (You figured that out? Nice effort Sherlock. I wasn't fooling anyone.) Back to the point of my story...wouldn't it be incredible if I had one?

I confidently grabbed the box I was certain I had crammed all of the old greeting cards in looking for those two piles of numbered birthday cards. Wouldn't one of those be fun to put on the page with a photo of the cake presentation from each year? (Just nod.) Well obviously those special piles weren't in with the rest of the cards that I decided to save because I had room to do so. I knew exactly where I had put them, and with a spring in my step, sauntered down the hall, grabbed that red plastic case...that was full of other crap memorabilia. Danger...danger! Where were those piles? Were they just merged with the other cards? Did I have enough to work with? Why the hell was I saving so many greeting cards?! Could I just go to the store and buy the years I was missing? Nobody had to know, and I have no doubt that anybody would know...except for me. I searched the same spots over and over figuring whatever gremlin had moved them was amused enough and had put things back. I threw away whatever cards were not going to help my cause, and crossed my fingers that the truck would come down the street before I flung myself on the pile and hauled it back inside. Small victory there.

I continued on to places where I usually stash a ton of junk important items I will totally need someday. I was slightly alarmed by what must have been some recent decluttering endeavors in that they were actually effective. I did not get that sense of satisfaction I usually have when another bag hits the garbage because I did not find what I was looking for. The whole house just feels heavy. At first I thought it desperately needed to be cleaned, but then found I had already done most of that. I think I have just been sitting here too long, as my daughter had a nasty head cold for a few days and now my son is on day two or three...who knows anymore! There was a snow day yesterday and it wasn't even much fun due to the coughing and concerns...oh and the frigid cold. Maybe switching to peanut butter m&m's the other day rocked my world too. I hit the usual jar a little bit ago just in case.

Do you ever just feel like you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing, even when you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing? I see you nodding your head. I thought the peanut m&m's and a random post, because it is Tuesday after all, were a place to start.


  1. Storm day here too but no time for scrapbooking or organizing anything. Shovel, shovel, shovel - grumble, grumble, grumble. About to take my frustration out on a bag of peanut M&M's

  2. I've been hit with such a crushing bout of exhaustion that I can't seem to do anything but sleep or be half asleep. Falling on the ice yesterday certainly didn't help. Well I hope you get your project done and some stuff organized along the way.

  3. Sounds like you have a slight case of cabin fever. Good luck with the project, though. It sounds like it will be something very impressive and amazing!

  4. I thought the first line said a "restraining order to the Universe" which I can totally relate to lately.