Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The random is still frozen

When we last saw Foz, he was headed out searching for greener pastures…literally and figuratively. (I will save you the trouble of clicking back.)
February 12
He is certain that this tundra-like atmosphere is something we have created solely to torture him. Let's check on him as he continues his quest.
Today, progress sadly moving in the wrong direction
Of course it doesn't help that he is not tall enough to see outside of his frozen world to find the rest of the neighborhood is suffering the same fate. The dog behind us is a beautiful and huge Great Pyrenees. Foz is pretty sure she is mocking him for needing us to shovel this"shit pit", as my husband has recently dubbed it, while she majestically stomps down the powder in her path.

The good news is that I was able to run some errands today without wearing gloves. Yes, I am pleased to report that I could walk from my car into the grocery store with my bare hands. The windchill was also only bad enough for the schools to operate on a two-hour delay, as opposed to being closed. Small victories.

Now I was only slightly concerned to see this snow panther leaping from the side of my front door. 
Do you see it? I knew I could tame him with a shovel if I had to.

So what do I do here when I am not pontificating about the snow, spending quality time with Foz, wondering about whether or not to do the a-z challenge, or trying to write posts that have been knocking in my brain for over a year? Well, sometimes I stroll over to my paperwork pile...
 …and am instantly mortified, yet intrigued, by what I see. Please tell me the cabin fever is not going to get bad enough for me to start sculpting with sanitary napkins…however "awesome" it might be. This ad is begging for a letter!

Stacy Uncorked


  1. I risked frostbite today to get pictures of the icebergs in the Canal. It was incredible. But my dogs are relegated to doing their business in the driveway. On the plus side the poop is easier to scoop out of the way when it's frozen solid.

  2. We used to have a blind dog. One time he got lost on the snow path that X had shoveled for him. He didn't understand how to turn around and come back to the house. One of us had to go out to lead him in. Poor little doggy. I miss him still.


  3. i used to have to shovel a little pit for Millie too. Poor little dogs don't stand a chance this winter. I'm not even going to comment on the sculpting thing.......wildly horrified here. Lol

  4. unnwanted period pads?? OMG lmao

  5. OMG! OMG, is that for real?! Sculpting with WHAT? Oy. Wouldn't it be better to donate them to homeless women? And I hope to high heaven they mean upcycle, not recycle. Ack ack ack.

  6. We got more snow last night...nothing like the NE has seen this year tho. Zoinks!


  7. Recycle your period pad? Weird. That is an awesome snow panther! Poor Fozzie--as the short one in my family, I feel for his inability to see over the tops of the snow drifts.