Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Let's continue to visualize warmer weather. Look at these "waves" of snow on the back deck…lovely. This might have worked better if I had not opened the door to take the picture…brrrrr!
Go forth and find grass, Fozzie!
In addition to the snowfall accumulation, the clip somehow came off my five pound bag of rice, leading to a nice dusting.
Meh, that part of the snack shack needed to be tidied up anyway.

How about a Boston Cream Pie Donut martini? That was the kickoff for this year's Martini Walk (during the 20 degree heat wave). 
It was yummy, but kind of just made me want donuts. Now, the Bees Knees offering was gone before anyone could snap a picture. It was delicious! (Think lemonade and honey.)

Sometimes when you have really good luck with something on the first try, you should just quit. (I don't low why I am not a motivational speaker either.) I think that was the message learned after we hauled out a second waffle iron for more brownie making fun. 
Hmmm, perhaps a learning curve with a different iron? She switched after determining this one had too much debris to continue.
Oh my gosh! How did she completely forget how much batter to use on the original one? I just walked away as I hate to discourage her independence with my input…a decision I regretted when she was in despair over the clean up. At one point I just thought I might rather buy myself a new waffle iron that try to clean these two. We got it all taken care of though. So much nibbling, as these tasted better than the last kind (which we made with inferior batter due to the experimental nature of her business).

In a slightly related story, my cholesterol is back up a little bit. I am assuming this is because I have been so busy getting my protein from regular peanut m&m's, that I have forgotten my flavenoid and antioxidant intake from dark chocolate. Rest assured, I will get right on that.

Stacy Uncorked


  1. I have no trouble visualizing warm sunny weather as here in Los Angeles it's sunny and in the 70's today (it has been in the 80's and 90's over the past week). I almost wish I could experience the snow. For a little while at least.

    These exotic martinis are going a bit far I think. I've always drank martinis for the olives. My idea martini is about 8 to 10 olives with gin and a splash of vermouth poured over them. I guess maybe I just like olives more than the alcohol.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. I cannot get over this crazy east coast weather! Especially since (and I am SO sorry) we've had several weeks of 60 degree temperatures here in Colorado. Which is also messed up, but in our favor. Also, as someone with high cholesterol, I will definitely be following your plan to keep my numbers in check! :)

  3. Oooooh, good to know about the waffle brownies before I start making them. Maybe the inferior batter was the key? My my, look at all that snow! I know you're sick of it, but I have to say, it looks mighty pretty, all that white. Well, you know what they say: when it snows, go drinking.

  4. Phil will scoop a path in the grass for Eddie and he just poops in the street anyway. I love that you spilled all your rice and not me. Truly. But I'm jealous of your M&M intake.


  5. Love donuts.....love Martini's.......yummy

  6. I can't even get my back door open!! It's frozen shut and the snow is half way up the door!! No signs of spring around here at all. And it's freezing cold as well.
    That martini sounds awesome. Why don't I have fun things like Martini Walks around here?!

  7. Well, we're back in the thirties again tonight. But no snow thank God. Warm thoughts headed your way.

  8. I wish I had your power of positive thought.
    I need to channel this.

  9. I was feeling rather down about the cold (it is in the 30s here today), but I got a package of valentine's in the mail that perked me right up. I had to fight Zane for the Gummi bears, but it was totally worth it!

  10. I am longing for warm weather. It is 5 degrees here and I don't even want to think what the wind chill is! :P Never ever thought of putting brownie batter in a waffle iron. That's news to me! :)

  11. I am longing for warm weather. It is 5 degrees here and I don't even want to think what the wind chill is! :P Never ever thought of putting brownie batter in a waffle iron. That's news to me! :)