Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 34 - I still have more!

Sure the windchill here is currently -21 degrees, but I still have a lot of steam building for this contest! Marianne was super helpful as far as trying to give me pointers on how to secure swag like she had rolling in. "Try smaller or local companies". Why of course there were local companies I loved! Some of them we used daily, by the gallon even…

Dear Byrne Dairy,

Somehow this cold weather is making me think about a summer afternoon in 1989. I was driving back from Byrne Dairy in the car my grandparents had recently handed down to me.  You could barely tell if they had ever even let their feet touch the carpeting. I turned a corner and the red plastic tote containing the two glass bottles of milk my friend and I had just bought fell over. The two half gallons crashed together spilling milk all over the rug. Oh dear. No wet-vac or cleaning supplies at our disposal were going to erase that event.

I drove many miles the rest of that summer in a very smelly, sun-baked milk mobile. Never once did that negatively impact my feelings for Byrne Dairy skim milk in a glass bottle. So cold, so delicious. From then on though, I did nestle each bottle separately, a safe distance apart from each other.

Now that I have a husband and teenage children of my own, there are more opinions about milk to consider. Byrne Dairy is still a favorite. My husband has taken to treating his semi-lactose intolerant (more like lactose disagreeable) self to a bottle of Byrne Dairy low fat milk after his exercise regiments. He says that in addition to the delicious taste, yours is the only brand that does not give him terrible gas. We are all grateful!


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Did they respond? Well I sent that letter last winter, so I guess it is time to give up hope. However, I not cry over spilt milk! 

Current point total remains at 67 points

Head over and remind the competition what's at stake. Hey, does anybody know what's at stake?


  1. Hahaha! Oh man, that poor car. Actually, poor you for having to ride in a milk-smelly car. That is the worst! But these letters are awesome. I'm amazed that you have 67 points! That represents a lot of letter-writing. And I finally read up on the contest. Sounds kind of fun! Maybe I will have to find some friends who are crazy enough to try it. :)

  2. LOL, I can imagine that smell. I can't believe they didn't send you a case of the stuff (you know, for the family comfort because of your husbands gas.....) haha

  3. Just reasonable gas? Not terrible gas?

    I have no idea how you've kept this up so long....


  4. What?? They didn't respond? What is wrong with these people? That was a GREAT letter!!!