Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Odd bits of Random

Often one's oblivion outweighs one's own omniscience. Occasionally, obstacles, or old opinions on obscenity, offer offensive options over objections of outrage. Overachieving o-word operators? Obviously obnoxious or outrageously ostentatious. OK...

We've discussed orchestra, and I don't wish to revisit oreos (but you can), so out with the other random...in no particular order...

Oversized O cereal...

Over here we have the odoriferous outhouse that was offered at a party we went to over the weekend. Oh my, what a tagline...

Any outlandish photos overstaying their welcome on my cellphone? Of course...

I live in Syracuse, home of the Orange, and this is a pumpkin version of their mascot: Otto...

This is a Bills vs. Bengals game from 2010, and standing on the 35 yard line (on the left) are Owens (as in Terrell) and Ochocinco!

Ouch! I am in need of an octane much higher than the cherry soda I just drank to keep this operation running, or I can just open myself to the overwhelming desire to sleep and dream of...wait for it...the Ocean!

Thanks to the Omnipotent Stacy for officiating this random gathering!


  1. Overwhelming, oddly fascinating, never obscene, oooooh so entertaining. Obviously!!

  2. Obviously I had to search engine oderifous. Loved it.

  3. Hee, hee...this is one of your better ones....

    Oh, you deserve an OVATION!!!


  4. Oh my goodness! What a great post. Loved Otto!

  5. You've tickled my olecranon with your orthology. And that's all I've got in the O world. ;) You crack me up!

    Thanks for helping me keep the random alive! :)

    Time Flies, Mother Nature’s Hot Flash, Princess Nagger’s Final Words

  6. I try hard never to visit Oreos or invite them to my house. I love them far too much.

    1. Once I dip them in chocolate they are safe, as that is too much for me!

  7. I don't think you left out any of the O words. Well-done! Visiting from AtoZ.

  8. Oops!!! That's it, my weak O word for the day.....

  9. Oh this was awesome or should Outstanding!!

  10. Ohhhh! An oversized O! Ordinary? I think otherwise. Your o-lliteration is otherworldly!