Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Talk

Talking tends to take turns traveling through twisting topics, tying together tales. The telephone teases, taunts, tempts...tearing me from tedious tasks, turning tension to tranquility. 

Typical telephone talk trends and tendencies through time:

Tots tickled at the trill of the telephone
Tempestuous teen tears and troubles
Trying to keep tabs
Time-outs from tending to toddler's tantrums and tirades
Tasty talk of the tawdry and tacky
Trading tips
Terse tangles leaving a terrible taste
Tangents tackling train of thought
Telephones trump texting for true talking

Thanks for tip-toeing over! Toodles 'til tomorrow...Tuesday!


  1. Terribly terrific!! It put me in mind of old days when the telephone was attached to a wall in the kitchen...