Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Itty bits of random

Intuition indicates and information implies it is time to initiate an itemized list of random!

I was irresponsible when I ignored the inkling that I had intended to include something yesterday...H is for headache and haircut. I think you can tell who has which.

The incident in which we incurred these results provided insufficient interjections and interest to inspire us to try to imitate the process again.
The issue might've involved the intensity of the color of the silk ties that we injured. I let the husband independently choose which innocent ties we could cut up, as I did not want to insult him.

I saw the irony in my itch to inquire as to how festive the red roses were that the husband brought me for Easter, when I could have been so much less impressed...

It is butter! It traveled from Buffalo to have Easter dinner with us. Inscribed on the flag inserted into his backside is the word "Alleluia".
Ironic, as that is what my arteries screamed when they saw it.

I must thank Stacy for taking the initiative to host the long standing institution: Random Thoughts Tuesday.
(That intoxicated lady is spilling her wine.)


  1. Love the butter lamb! I wish we had cool stuff like that down here.

  2. OMG. I can't believe you wrote with that many i's. Insane.

  3. I thought that was frosting! Love your I's today!


  4. O my goodness, that is the most BEAUTIFUL butter I've EVER seen! Mmmmmm....butter. (And yes, I yelled Alleluia when I saw it too....)

  5. *giggles* random AND funny!!!


  6. Wow. I'm so feeling inferior again. You are ARTSEEEEEE.

  7. That's the best butter I've ever seen!

  8. That is the prettiest butter ever!!!

  9. If that were butter cream frosting I'd have licked my screen!

  10. I'm quite dizzy with all the "i" words - you crack me up with your brilliant creativity! :)

    That's butter?! How cool is that?

    Those roses are wicked cool!

    How in the world did you do those eggs? Very cool!!

    That first picture is priceless!

    Thanks for being such a loyal rebel!! :)

    RTT Rebel Badges, Easter Spoilage, Bear Basket Transformation, Regal Dentist Dude

  11. That's BUTTER? And how does one have the heart to stab the thing with a knife? Wow, I've never seen roses quite like those before.