Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Ultra-Random

Unacceptable utterances uttered under umbrellas of ultimatums understandably upset underlings. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us until now, I have this unstoppable urge to utilize umpteen u's to uncover the ultimate uber-post.

I am unable to undo the ulterior random...

Butter lamb feels ugly and relieved that his humiliation is almost over...Alleluia, indeed.

This sweet paper hat belongs to a three-year-old friend of mine.  Notice how evenly the teachers lined up the obituaries?

Uberraschung (German for surprise): 
I can't tell you where I got these awesome Uberraschung eggs because it is illegal to bring or ship them into this country.
We are that unable to protect our children from choking hazards (underachievers). Unbelievable! To say I was a little excited to get these chocolate contraband treats would be an understatement.

Up until seeing these lovely mannequins, I understood that cute babies sold the clothing.

U unnecessary: 
Um, here is another Q word that needs no U. We are unsure if we heard our waitress pronounce her unique name.

Ugli: These are the first four letters of my maiden name (there are five more letters after those!) The g is silent, but to the uninformed, I was Ugly...  Ugh!

Uh-oh, now what? U guessed it! Thank you to Stacy, undercover queen of the random thoughts rebellion!


  1. Haha - that hat with the obits nearly lined up on the outside is fricken hilarious!!

  2. Unfortunately I am unbelievably exhausted and unable to be uncannily witty. :)

  3. Your uncanny ability to find the random in life is a bit unsettling!

  4. You can't tell me that those teachers lined up the obituaries JUST so!! Sneaky!!
    (and unsettling! ;)

    1. I can't figure out why they even had that section of the paper on the table! I wonder what other kids in the class got...brides?

  5. It's unsettling and unfortunate that I feel like a uakari and unasinous in my utter underwit mode attempting to procure words that start with u to form an intelligible sentence. ;)

    You crack me up! And that hat does especially - possibly OCD? ;)

    Oooooh! Your contraband of Uberraschung eggs is enviable! Can you hook me up with your dealer? ;)

    I agree - the baby mannequins are quite unsettling.

    Thanks for the entertainment - and randomness! And yes, please, if you figure out how to get Scramble on your phone, look me up and you can feel like a winner since I'll most definitely lose. ;)

    Scramble Brainy Friends, Dandelion Volcano, Obsessive Song Search… The Usual Mishmash

  6. Ummmmmm (see what I did there?)

  7. We are going to Canada this summer for a family reunion, so I am hoping you will share privately how you smuggled the Kinder Eggs into the country.

  8. Some great U words - I enjoyed your post!
    (popping in from A-Z Challenge)

  9. I do not believe the ugly, not for a minute.

    HAHAHA! Oh geez, that HAT! That's bad juju right there. And I must admit, I had a moment of silence for Butter Lamb.