Wednesday, April 18, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 6

Plain and simple... ...everything on this platter makes me happy!

This was brought out at my sister's birthday party as dessert. Me. Oh. My. Can't talk about it anymore right now, or my feelings will shift to sadness, due to the fact that there is no Hostess here right now! However, happiness IS just one quick (and dangerous) trip to the store away!

You can click to check out what is making other folks happy this week.


  1. Everything on that platter makes me happy too.

  2. I am only sad that the platter is so far from me!

  3. Well, Happy Birthday to your Sister! I guess you are happy. WHat a cute idea.

  4. That picture just got me all hot & Duane Johnson in a towel type of hot & bothered. Yum!