Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Crayola Crayons

This is a sight that brought me great joy as a kid.

When I opened the box to take the photo, I have to admit that I still got a little charge. I don't care for the smell of these waxy wonder sticks, but the visual and thought of good times to come? Yay!

I took great care of my crayons, and could not stand to see broken ones. Those kids at school would just use them all willy nilly, with no regard. For what? I am not certain. A crayon that was worn down far enough to need the paper ripped for further coloring was pretty much dead to me. The box of 64, while delightful, put me in a bit of a quandary because it had the crayon sharpener built right in, but that required some tearing of paper, and the point just never looked as magical as a fresh crayon. Sigh, that was disappointing. I used to try to color my skies and grasses with a slanted grip so that the top of the crayon wouldn't get so flat. Oh, and in case there was any doubt in your mind, they had/have to be Crayola.

I was not, nor am, overly protective of my children's crayons. Those were for their enjoyment, however recklessly they saw fit. I just would not have wanted to share my own box with them. In fact, I think I did grow to have some appreciation for the worn down point of a green Crayola because it meant someone had been inspired. Little hands had drawn big things.

In an attempt to prove how far I have come in my crayon usage relaxation, let me show you what recently went on in my very own kitchen, at the hands of my daughter.

Maybe I felt a little crazy at first...
Wait, that's kind of cool!
Hey, I feel pretty calm!
Who am I to stand in the way of creativity?

**If you are looking for Random Tuesday Thoughts, fear not, there are plenty of hours this Tuesday left for me to post them.**


  1. Boy this brought back memories of getting a new box of crayons at the start of the school year. I remember when we lost so many teeth (but don't ask me how many, I think 12) we got a box of 64 crayons. What a treat that was!!

    I still like coloring, LOL, and the kids are out of the house.....


  2. There was nothing better than a brand new box of crayons. And only crayola would do here too.

  3. Ah! Crayons. I remember putting crayon shavings between wax paper and ironing them. I am going to go out and buy a box!

  4. There is nothing like a fresh box of crayons will all those perfect tips! Sigh. With no kids, it has been a while since I've seen one of those. LOL. Very, very cool melting experiment!!

  5. I admit that I buy crayons for my kids, and then a box for myself. I do not share! I have collected all the collector addition colors and collector tins! No one but me uses them! I did buy the kids a crayon maker once where you can put the broken ones in and melt them down to new swirly colors. LOVED THAT!
    Your daughters creation is so cool! I am inspired to try it:)

  6. Whoa! Brand new looks! Alphabet challenge. And what's this about tiling your mantlepiece??? Crazy great stuff going on around here lately. That crayon drip is AWESOME! I want to do that!