Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Guest

Gadzooks! Gotta get going girl!

Granted, you may be glum to hear that I have run out of gas and do not feel like my garrulous self as it grows later and later tonight. I am glad that I was surrounded by a gregarious bunch this afternoon, and took some notes, to help get in the groove. Give a round of applause for our guests today, as they each give us three G words...

Guy Jr - guardian, genitalia, greatness

(Give me a break!)

Guy Jr's guy friend - Gom___(his last name), greed, garden

(Got it!)

Girl - gross, genius, gong


Girl's girl friend - grease, growth, garbage


Guy - ginormous, gorilla, gorgeous


Guess who? - grrrrr, growl, gimme

(Good Grief!)

I was not exactly gushing with gratitude over their gracious gifts, but you get what you get. However, for these things I am grateful...the cookies are frosted, the house is clean, the eggs are done boiling, the oven is, good-night!


  1. Gee! (Sorry...I could not resist.... ;P ) Enjoying these posts, by the way!


  2. Good gracious! That is a ginormous group of great gobs of G's. They're Grrrreat (a little Tony the Tiger there)

  3. Good Golly Miss Molly. Okay, it's been a long week, fail.

  4. Gobsmacked! Whew! I was struggling to find a G word. Have a great Easter, Andrea. Hope your meal is grand and heavenly. Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    I am STILL humming E Eats Everything, by the way. That CD was one of my kids' favorites. :)

  5. Glad I am not playing Scrabble or Words with Friends with this bunch. They'd 'a got me, for sure!

  6. Great words from your guests! Great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog!