Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roll out the Random

Hi, my name is Andrea and I have a problem. I am under the impression that I am a master yarnsmith of some sort. While I have expanded my repertoire of patterns...... I need to admit that a person only needs so many dishcloths (even if that person does buy new dishes...you know, to get ready for company). And even though I do know other people, some of them might have an undying affinity for O-Cel-O sponges (meaning their dishes are, in fact, sponge-worthy). I was feeling productive, in that I was using up the yarn that I had purchased before the holidays, and was down to this stash...However, when the yarn went on sale for $1 a roll/bundle/skein this weekend, what else could a budding crochet artist do? Oh, and maybe this yarn (given to me as a gift with the pattern book) is for a project I am not qualified to attempt yet...I am not sure if Stacy needs any dishcloths, but luckily she is giving us a place to stash the rest of the random that is whirling around! Watch out you don't get hit with anything, as I set the random free!

At 6:30 Friday morning, the pouring rain changed over to snow here and didn't stop until some time late Saturday evening. This was a super bonus, as our company was hoping for some fluffy white stuff to play in! Luckily they were quick builders since the temperature started to fall quickly. It was -4 on Sunday morning and then the wind chill yesterday morning was -13. Today it was pouring and cruising into the forties. Now the temperature is dropping again. I could've (maybe should've) shoveled the slush off our walkway, but decided it was too heavy so I didn't. I will be cursing that decision when the dog and I skate on it tomorrow morning, I am sure!

I was pretty psyched to see that Yankee Candle is coming out with some new alluring (definition: to attract with something desirable;entice) scents.

I don't know a lot about cowboys (I hope denim was a nice segue here), their belief systems, or how they decorate their Christmas trees, but I found this ornament in the clearance section...
It is not my intent to mock cowboys or Christians, but I am not convinced that steer horns belong on a cross in any religion.

Which brings me to...
...but on a rock? I think THAT is your rock.

Speaking of rocks...
These are two of the kindest ones I have ever seen! I appreciated that they had so much to say to me as I walked by. They didn't even know me, as they are not my rocks.

I was recently putting something away in the basement at my grandparents' house. I am glad this creepy guy is no longer hanging upstairs, where I might have to see him more often, but pondered why he is taking up wall space at all.
Stop looking at me, and cheer up a little!

We are having company again this weekend, and so far my preparations have been as appropriate as last week's. I got a new sofa table (Thanks Mom!) to put behind the new couch...of course. I also bought this pillow, for the plain and simple reason that I love it!
I also spent some time today rearranging the fine collectibles (yes, that's what we're calling them) in a couple of my glass-doored cabinets. Seriously, if I didn't do these little things to perk up the place for company, do you think any of the other three folks who live here would notice?

Oh, one thing our company demonstrated for us this past weekend, that I think is useful knowledge to pass on, is that a television will not respond in any way when you point a cordless phone at it...not even if you grumble at it!


  1. OK, the guy in the helmet is mine and was part of my home decorating until you were 3, then I passed it on to your Grandmother. Not sure when he went out of favor and landed in the basement, but you never know when the 70's will be back.

  2. I LOVE that pillow!! Nice dishcloths - you can never have too many. I admit it - I knit and hoard dishcloths too.

  3. OH! We had that creepy guy in the front hallway of my house growing up!!

    SEriously, what were my parents thinking?

    And also..you made me snicker with the rocks wishing you all things good.

    ANd yes ixnay on the ornshay on the osscray.


  4. I enjoy your random posts. Wow, y'all got lots of snow! :D THat is the oddest ornament I have ever seen, too :/

  5. People tell me they pray for me all the time, but it's kind of insulting. . . like "maybe, with god's love, you'll stop being such a douchenozzle. . . we'll continue to pray"

    Also. . . "Steered by God?" Does that mean god cut off his testicles? I mean, I get the imagery is like steering a car. . . but in cowboy lingo a steer is a bull without his balls. And since there are horns on the cross, and "Steered by God" the obvious implication is that God castrated the owner.

  6. I hear you - $1 a skein? What else could you do? "Steered by God" is hysterical. I actually have a "friend" on Facebook who I apparently knew in high school, though I don't remember him, who is now known as "The Cowboy Preacher". He has a website and a church. It's pretty insane.

  7. Around here we have "Cowboy" churches. Did you roll your eyes? I can't even say "Cowboy Church" without rolling my eyes! Like cowboys are more devout than other people while they are branding cattle or something...

    So, if you threw the "I prayed for you" rock and it hit someone, would they be happy?

  8. Ooooooooh noooooooooo, take that painting away! Definitely gives me the heebeejeebees. All it needs is holes where the eyes are so someone can spy on you.

    Those rocks are a total crack up!!! Apparently, one thought you needed some prayer help. pffft.

    Hope your daughter's fingers are better now!