Monday, January 16, 2012


I guess I went a little Missing Inaction. Yes, I was relatively inactive and very busy eating cookies. I had things lining up for this week's random thoughts before I even went to bed last Tuesday night, plus a short list of blog topic ideas. And then what happened? Oh, that funny little thing called life, I think. New events were trying to get some air time, so I just shut down my think tank to get ready for the company we had coming.

One new event was my daughter jamming her finger at basketball practice Wednesday evening.
(Pretty!) That seems to be the sports enthusiast term for what she did to her left middle finger. I think lay folk might use some crazy talk like broken bone of some sort. I had a trial run with the broken finger issue last fall with the boy child. Things escalated quickly with the swelling while he was at school the day after his injury, and he brought this home...(More pretty!) I figured I would keep an eye on things and not make any radical decisions or doctor's appointments until she returned from school on Thursday. I buddy taped her fingers and eagerly awaited her return. Imagine my delight when she walked in to announce that she jammed the middle finger on her right hand playing basketball in gym class that day. Hmmm! I compared her fingers to the photographic evidence in the photo file shown above, and we did not have a match. After some consultation with folks closer to the medical field than I am (which could mean someone who literally lives closer to the doctor's office for me to take their advice), we decided some splint action would be a swell (no pun intended) idea.
I am not completely sure if there are broken bones, but I do know that the orthopedic doctor just put a splint on my son's badly broken finger for six weeks. I am confident that this is a level of specialty service I can provide for now.

Somewhere along the line, during my distraction, I decided the best way to get ready for company had nothing to do with an immaculate house or general preparedness, and more to do with comfortable seating and plenty of food. So when folks arrived on Saturday there was a new couch, new dishes (that literally arrived fifteen minutes before them, so not put away), snow to play in (ok, maybe not my doing, and since it was the first big snowfall we did not have our outdoor apparel gathered), and plenty of lunch and dinner fixins.

The bottom line is that I have completely lost focus. Did you gather that? However, I am well fed and got a super great deal on yarn for more dishcloths (because I really NEED to keep that hobby thriving)! Oh, and all of that clutter that I was blaming on our guests? Well it was still here when they left!


  1. Oh those broken fingers gave me the shivers! And I'm glad you stocked up on new essentials like sofas and dish-wares...want me to come over for a visit so you can get more new stuff! Hehe!

  2. Poor baby....I know that hurt like heck! I hope you did something special for her....

  3. Jammed fingers are killer! Writing is going to be a real pain for awhile, I believe.

    PS. We all get a little scattered by life from time to time. Make sure you take a day to really chill before you come back to organized life. :)

  4. Missed you. THose broken finger shots freaked me out! And TWO splints! I broke my finger once in high school, and had to wear that damned splint for ages. How does she write? Glad you're back.

  5. Wow! I can remember jamming my finger playing basketball. It reallllllly hurt! I hope that your daughter heals quickly.

    And I am so glad you are back! You sort of go with my coffee in the mornings!