Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random check-ins

Well, that tool Monday was obviously whispering in Tuesday's ear about how much fun gloom can be. We are being treated to some gray skies and rain that every now and then has an identity crisis and tries to turn into snow. There is freezing rain in the forecast for this evening, so there's that to look forward to. Unless a potential snow day is involved, I am not really interested. I am already in my pajamas. It is 4:00, and I think I finally landed on the right combination of over the counter decongestant and pain reliever so that my neck could hold my head and sinuses up, as opposed to needing both hands to do so. (Thanks again super awesome indecisive weather!) And in other good news, my husband was running late (and didn't phone it in), but did come home last night!

OK, so remember when I did this? I will wait here quietly, as you very well might not have seen, because I had fives of followers back then.

**patient whistling**

It was really not noticeable at the time from what I recall. However, now...two years later...I seem to notice some sparseness in that general eyebrow region. Fascinating, I know. I would be lying if I said that event taught me anything. Just the other day I was talking to my friend about eyebrow maintenance, and she suggested I go to her friend who is in a cosmetology program. I actually had the nerve to say that I wasn't sure I would be happy with how they would do my eyebrows. Really? I should be more confident in my own skills? Because the risk of having only one eyebrow is so sexy and edgy? Because I know my way around a tweezer better than someone with actual training? I couldn't even get my eyeliner to work today, and yes, I mean the kind that is basically a pencil. What's that I hear? Oh, it's a "Beauty School Dropout" earworm! I saw the threading woman at the mall again the other day, and nearly gave myself whiplash turning away so quickly! What if she asked me if I needed her expertise upon making eye contact? It's not like I could've honestly said "No."

Moving on...

I was informed by my daughter that this is not an acceptable amount of Goldfish crackers for her snack. The words were "You call this a snack?"
Yes, just not a very good one. Hopefully this means one other person in the house has learned a lesson about putting things away nearly empty (eventhough I was the one who put those away!)

I should mention here that I have to hit save on my phone when I want to keep any photo I have taken. I should also try harder to remember that. And now you know why there aren't many photos this week (nor any recollection of what the heck it was I found so funny!)

Luckily the Foz/Fozzie/Fonzie has a couple of items he would like noted...

He does not find it amusing when I fling his beloved carrots behind my back without taking aim. My son and I, on the other hand, found it hysterical when we saw where this one landed...but he couldn't find it!

He found this no more amusing than the last time the boy experimented with static electricity, yet we were once again hysterical!

Thanks to Stacy for letting us unwind our random!



  1. OMG I love that she said "you call this a snack" that is friggin awesome I can just picture her standing there saying that...Too friggin good got me laughing today

  2. Little smart aleck....cracks me up.

    Also, you have a nice tame SOC: I'm I...I'm scared of what my SOC would be.

    I know what it would be.

    Sheer mentalness.

    And not the good Bloggess kind, either.

  3. Cute dog! Around here that many goldfish is barely a mouthful for my men. At least that's there excuse for not sharing!

  4. She was totally right - that's not enough goldfish for a snack ;)

  5. Definitely not enough Goldfish, Mom! =D Oh what a crazy picture of the dog at the end! That is so hysterical! I wonder if your doggie is going, "Why do they always pick on me and then embarrass me by posting a picture on the internet? Thanks for the random!

  6. I am SO impressed that you can wax yourself, albeit poorly. I'm too much of a chicken to do it to myself. I have a friend who keeps trying to convince me that home-waxing is much better nowadays, and I should give it a try. Hmmm. Maybe.

    Love the dog with the static electricity!

  7. Oh dear, your eyebrow incident had me laughing. (sorry). And I'm pretty sure I have enough goldfish on my pantry floor and between the couch cushions for an acceptable size snack. So you might try checking there next time. ;)

  8. EEK! I was horrified at that photo of your poor eyebrow, just lying there in a state of shock. ACK! Oh my gosh, my sides hurt from laughing, though! I'm laughing WITH you.....

    Heeheeehee, love your electrified pup.