Monday, January 23, 2012


Oh Monday, you never cease to amaze me with your attitude and shenanigans. You know your actions will be excused simply for who you are. We see you come storming in, or just acting all gloomy, and have to accept you...that's just the way you are. You can just fling your random thoughts (a stolen idea from Tuesday, no less) about what might be amusing in our faces, and we have no choice but to say "Oh, it's just Monday." It's no wonder that you and Friday stay so far away from each other, as you have nothing in common. I am sort of relieved that you don't hang out together as I wouldn't want your ways to spill over to the rest of the gang. I try to act happy to see you, in hopes that you just want a little affection, but most of the time you just crap all over it.

I had a very vivid dream just before waking today. It was just before Super Bowl party time and my husband announced he was leaving me. He was also going to get himself a new car. I am certain that the reason for my upset was the dissolving of our marriage, in the dream, and not the fact that I'd be missing out on the new wheels. No, really, I'm sure I was going to miss him. I felt kind of aggravated with him for being unreasonable, but the last part was the worst. I can still see the look on his face as I said "Doesn't it matter what I want?" and he answered "No", and walked away....and then I woke up. Ugh!

Yes, I know he was snoring away in bed still...yes, I know it was a dream, but ick. No, I do not want the dream "professionally" analyzed. However, I was a little bummed out yesterday when I noticed that I lost a blog follower, so maybe I thought everyone was going to leave me. Crazy? Maybe, but have you seriously ever listened to some of the stuff the dream interpreters peddle? Me neither, so for all we know I could be in the right ballpark. Maybe I realized, in my sleeping hours, what a whiny and overtired toddler I was for parts of yesterday. Or how I felt like my other ("better"? seriously?) half was not pulling his weight around here, completely disregarding my own, previously mentioned, glorious behavior.

Monday did jazz things up a bit by adding some perks, like the boy running late for school while the dog was hurling in his crate. I gently woke the husband to tell him that I was driving the boy to school. I quickly briefed him on my day so far when he asked what was up. For some reason he did not jump from his slumber to propose to me all over again to reassure me that my dream was just that. Things did look a little better once daylight actually came, but I was still carrying the weight of my dream. I finally texted my husband:

I am still sad that you are leaving me.

And the response:

Don't worry. [Son] can do my one household job (if I can remember what it is).

{I will give you a moment to giggle because I admit it is a little funny...just a little.}

HOWEVER, this man has been married to me for over sixteen years. I have made little to no attempt to hide my anxieties and paranoia from him, and THIS is the support and reassurance I get? HOWEVER, I have been married to this man for over sixteen years and he has made little to no attempt to feed into my lunacy, and STILL I expected some support and reassurance in such a matter?

I am clearly not overly concerned, as I am making leftovers for dinner.

See you next week, Monday...(you jackass)!


  1. Haha, leftovers...that'll teach him to leave!

  2. I hate those dreams- sometimes they linger all day.
    Leftovers, indeed.
    Um, what kind of car? ;)

  3. I'm trying to follow...really. I have a buggy blog malfunction.

  4. Say--Aren't you entitled to half of that new car?

    The only thing that I remember from all the dream interpretation books/classes I took in college is that houses always symbolize the person(ality) and dreaming about tornadoes means that there's a crisis. Literally and figuratively, I guess.

  5. Yikes.....Mondays can also temper the rest of the week, too! I hope your week gets better.