Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random snowfall

It's funny to me how a few snow flurries call up their friends and bring together a full blown snowfall. We watched a battle brewing yesterday between sun and flakes, but once the sun went down, it was all about the white baby! It looks beautiful outside. I didn't even mind shoveling a path down the sidewalk and driveway at 6:15 for my son to walk to the road on. Sure, we packed up all of the Christmas decorations yesterday, but there are three bins of snowmen who were worried they were not going to be displayed this year. I suppose this delay gives me no reason to not dust before the next wave of clutter fancifulness hits. My mind is joining in with the weather today and feels like a well shook snow globe!

Thanks to Stacy for shoveling us a path for us to carry our random down! Put on your boots and go visit her when you are done here!


Right now there is some spinach dip in the fridge that is shouting at me. I might have to put it out of its misery. I am down to only multi-grain pita chips, so it's a healthy snack, no? Nevermind the portion I ate while I still had plain pita chips (one hour ago).

I am a rather savvy sale and coupon shopper, so how about this deal?
Thank goodness I have over two weeks to take advantage of this one!

Check out my awesome new mittens. Try not to be too jealous the next time you have to just use regular air quotes when telling a story!

And now some randomness brought to you by our trip into the city...
Seven of us piled into the van, with my father behind the wheel as he unleashed his inner taxi cab driver. We saw a flashing sign warning us of "Roving pot holes", and had I known we would see that sign in three more spots, I definitely would've gotten the camera out! Roving? How do they move? Are they dug and refilled under cloak of darkness?

I was feeling conflicted about this one...
As if it matters what the sign says when you are engulfed in a sea of moving people.

Even this clarification did not make me stop in for a purchase...

This house of shame window arrangement proved to be no more enticing...

Ah, but the American Girl store? Of course we have to stop in there so my daughter can visit, and see, in person, what her collection lacks. We have to make the pilgrimage to the third floor so we can visit the historical doll collection. I really don't mind that much because that is where this action is going on...
There must have been ten chairs open for business, and I have a feeling those girls were paying more for their dolly-dos than I pay for my own haircuts.

Well, I got to freebase sugar-free pudding mix again at the volunteer gig this week. Ugh!

I think I have a few more flurries in my head, but they are each clamoring for their own post!


  1. I was a little bummed to get home yesterday after driving through blowing snow from Ohio to PA and find nary a spot of white in our area. At least today Mother Nature is sending some little white flakes to make the dreary gray perk up a bit around here. Princess Nagger is still hoping for a wallop of a storm so she can have a snow day - doesn't look like it's in the cards any time soon (supposed to be mid-50's by the weekend) so can you put in a good word and ask MN to send us some better white stuff? :)

    I literally laughed out loud at the 0% off discount...

    They seriously have dolly hairdressers at the American Girl store?? I bet you're right - those 'dos probably do cost more than we pay. ;)

  2. Chicago? I can be there in about 18 hours. Save me a place.

  3. I should have clarified...we live in Central New York, but traveled downstate and headed into Manhattan one day.

  4. Snow???? Send some of that down here!

    Roving potholes sounds like the name of a band, doesn't it?

  5. LOVED all your pictures of the city. I kind of miss going to NY for Christmas, but DON'T miss schlepping all that stuff back and forth across the country!

  6. How come I can never find anything for 0% off?

  7. HAHA I'm with Danelle. 0% would be hard to pass up, if only to tell people what a great deal you didn't get! :)