Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In step with the random

My husband has had a pedometer for a couple of years now, making him infinitely cooler than I am, and also providing statistical evidence that his exercise program is superior to mine (in that it exists at all). This year his company invited spouses and significant others to step into the fun. Since I wasn't going to get any other of the fabulous schwag offered to actual employees, I figured I had better grab the bone I was thrown. Here is a quick breakdown of my first week pedometering...

Day one: Within four steps of the hubs when he got home from work! Jogged back and forth in and out and around daughter's room while tucking her in that night to reach the target number for the day. Upon reaching that goal, daughter quietly reminded me that daddy had gone on the elliptical after dinner. Not that I was competing with him, but certainly was happier when we were even.

Day two: Forgot to put pedometer on until after most of the morning pacing, dog walking and getting folks moving was done.

Day three: Was at 1,000 steps before husband and daughter even got out of bed, then forgot pedometer on pajama bottoms.

Day four: Convinced my jeans were too high-waisted (and obviously way too attractive) for the count to be accurate.

Let's just stop here, as I am sure your can see what kind of trend I had going on. I am sure there is a learning curve, and I am bound to eventually navigate it safely.

Yesterday we finally had a two-hour delay for school due to the snowfall, then today it was nearly sixty degrees out. This made it perfect weather to be outside, even if the amount of snow left was dwindling.
No coats were worn while they built this little guy.

Why was I surprised when I looked in the candy bowl last night? Every year...at least this time I did not buy the kind with the toxic blue. I did find the Spanish ones intriguing though.

Sometimes I feel like I am not commanding the respect I deserve, especially when the commercial on tv just told me to respect the Capri-sun pouch. I can't be less worthy than a lunch box drink. Maybe there is just some confusion about the true meaning of respect, as now look where it should be directed... Don't be an ass, respect your toilet paper...I mean really, look at all of the crap it puts up with. I am so glad to see that the roll cover was designed with respect, as I can't imagine how else one would approach the task. Certainly not with a cheeky attitude!

I could go cross "blog" off my to-do list now. However, next to that list is the list of blog topics that I thought I might like to write about...of which, I have done none. I guess if that is still sitting there next week, I should just roll it right on into the random.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random party every week...it helps me keep track of what day it is...for one day!



  1. Heh, I had the same trouble remembering or keeping a pedometer on me to actually track my steps.

    Princess Nagger keeps hoping for a snow day, or even a delayed start, but Mother Nature keeps throwing us spring weather instead of winter weather.

    I'm laughing at your demand for respect of the toilet paper. You crack me up.

    Farewell Chuck, and a Busy Week with a Psycho Schedule leads to a Foggy Brain

  2. I feel your pedometer pain. I've been trying to remember to wear one for the last week and not having much luck.

    I'm so with you with the whole stupid "respect the roll" thing. I blogged about it last week. How about the commercial where the neighbor is looking out the window into the neighbors bathroom and notices they aren't "respecting the roll"? Doesn't anyone see that there is a bigger problem with a peeping tom neighbor? That's just creepy!

  3. OK pedometer I can never figure that damn thing out so I just cardio my balls off at the gym...Yeah what is up with the weather. It has been in the 70's here and we have had very little rain. Our cherry trees are already blooming and that does not usually happen until late February...OK toilet paper is for one thing wiping your butt...respect that...lol

  4. I have happy feet. Once I was sitting at my desk during MY company's health challenge. My pedometer was in my pocket. I had gotten in the habit of looking at it every morning after I got to work to see how many steps I had.

    The first observation I'll make is this: I often would have 1500 by 8 in the morning. There's just a lot of walking around involved in getting kids ready for daycare and dropping them off, and getting to work, etc.

    The second observation I'll make is this: I often would END THE DAY with 3000 to 4000 steps. . . meaning essentially when i'm at work I'm sitting on my dead ass for HOURS!!!! 1500 steps by 8 am, then another 1500 over the next eight hours??? Ridiculous.

    The third observation is this: When you have bouncy leg syndrome, and your pedometer is in your pants pocket you might be biasing your number. Twenty minutes after I arrived at work, sat at my desk and commenced to type a realization dawned on my that I was bouncing my leg at a relatively high frequency with the pedometer in my pocket. i wondered whether the "steps" would be counted. In 20 minutes of sitting at my desk, I had registered TWO. THOUSAND. STEPS. I bounced my leg two thousand times in twenty minutes.

    Anyway. . . don't bounce your leg. Or if you bounce your leg, bounce the one that doesn't have the pedometer in it (I tested that. . . it's clean)

    1. These snazzy new pedometers are more "accurate" I guess, and they don't register a leg bounce...trust me, I tried!

  5. I have a pedometer. Somewhere. I bow to your dedication in at least knowing where yours is!

  6. That's it - I am dropping everything right this very minute to see if I can find me some of the spanish candy hearts. I've never seen them, but now I am determined to find them.

    1. I did my fancy email response to nowhere when I saw this to see if you wanted me to get you some---they were at target!

  7. They make pedometers?

    Hahaha, respect the roll. Really! Well, I respect you.

    1. It's been a lot of pressure trying to show an appropriate amount of respect to a cardboard tube!

  8. That's one sweet but kinda sad snowman. I definitely respect you more than I respect either my juice pouch or my toilet paper.

  9. Ha ha. This was full of the random! You made me realize that I haven't seen any Valentine's Day candy in stores here. Wonder if they sell them?? Need my conversation hearts.

    My husband and I did a pedometer challenge once. I made it my mission to beat him. Which is ironic because he actually exercises and I don't. But I can fake it for a few days, fo sho.