Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random randomness

I need to jump right in with a hell-to-the-yeah on breaking 100 followers (even after adjustments)! I don't even care if anyone uses that expression anymore...THAT is how excited I am! You are all so chill. (My son told me today that chill has replaced cool. I am pretty sure it went without saying that it would be neither chill, nor cool for me to use that word, but I am too happy to care!) Had I realized that a picture of me trying on a bra would lure seven new people, I'd have done it sooner. The girls and I thank you all. I am saving the shot of my new package of Hanes cotton undies for the next drought.

So I thought of having a giveaway when I reached 100 followers, but was stumped as to what to give away. Here are some thoughts I came up with: cookies, a dishcloth , a dog, or a copy of my yet to be published book! Let's ponder that a little further later, for now is the time for me to get my random out!

I have had a head cold for the past few days now. It must be that I need a more serious diagnosis for any illness of my own to carry some weight around here. I do not want to know what condition I would have to be suffering from for someone to bring me something to drink instead of requesting one for oneself while sitting the couch!

I put all of my snowmen decorations out, since the ground was white and there were flakes in the air. The snow all melted the next day.

I passed by this paper on the kitchen table the other day...
...and was slightly alarmed and confused as to what my son and his friends were thinking when they decided to do an anagram for "HANDY NASTY". Of course, I quickly inquired. I can't quite explain the look on my son's face, nor the tone of his voice when he responded "That's HAN DYNASTY!" Logical mistake, no?

I like how pairing these two items together almost makes them look like they are alternatives to each other, as I certainly don't think you need both...at least not on the same day!

I realized the other day that mattress talk is not nearly as sweet as pillow talk. I told my husband that it seemed wise for him to go shopping for our new mattress with me. He said that was not necessary, and that I could get whatever I wanted. When I happened to mention that I was going to select something like the one we sleep on when we travel to visit family, he said "No, no, no." Apparently that one makes his back hurt. So basically we are saying anything I want that is not what I really want? I wonder if they will let him spend the night at the store for a true test run...maybe two nights? Really, can you make a decent decision after anything less than a week?

So as not to seem as though I am picking on the same person twice, this item is in regards to a visit from Mr. Sweet Tooth. He returned from the store the other day with this in his bag...
When I inquired as to why he purchased sugar-free candy, as I have never seen him eat that before, he said it was all they had left. Um, ok, but seriously why did he have to buy candy to begin with? Oh, because they were twelve cents a piece! I am not convinced it is a bargain to buy discount candy that you do not really enjoy or require. However, we have seen him use this fuzzy logic before. Now I know I get cranky when all of the good candy disappears, and maybe he was just trying to find some treats to call his own. In addition to me not needing to eat candy whenever I want, I feel I must show you what is currently in the COMMUNITY (as in fair game) candy stash!See anything there you need? Another possible raffle prize, perhaps?

Phew, that took a load off! Thanks to Stacy for giving me somewhere to dump it! Go see what's shaking in her random world today!


  1. Okay, Handy Nasty actually made me LOL, which I never do! I think I vote cookies...but then, I've been dieting again, so may not be the best judge.

  2. LMAO 7 new followers after a bra pic! Whoa! You go girl! Congrats on the 100 followers! That's awesome! :) Keep up the good work!

  3. My brain responds well to random. ;P

    Congrats on 100 followers!

  4. And I was all, "It says DYNASTY. What's wrong with that?!?"

    And that chocolate community stash is pretty good. That rivals what I have. And mine's a private stash. Don't judge.

  5. Bra posts are blogging GOLD. But sometimes it brings traffic that is best left alone...I've learned this the hard way :P Most of my google search hits are about boobs and bras and sagging. Pretty special...

    Congrats on breaking 100!

  6. A. I could use chocolate. A lot. Please mail me some.
    2. A bra, of course! You must raffle a bra!
    #r. I totally thought handy nasty, too! lol!!!!

  7. BAHAHAHAHA! HANDY NASTY!!! BAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh how I've missed you! Happy New Year! Looking forward to a year full of your random.

  8. I am currently trying to pry my husband from the football game to go shopping for a futon. He snores me out and his brother is coming for a visit and using MY guest room. He claims he's too busy working on his laptop. Snort right.