Monday, April 2, 2018

A is for...

Ants Marching...Dave Matthew Band, 1994

Trying to recapture part of the soundtrack from my life during the 90's is my theme for the a-z challenge this year

I seem to be having trouble these days finding the discipline to sit down and blog - or to stop eating candy and cookies. The most logical quick fix for the writing obviously is to embrace the a-z challenge, because if blogging once a week is difficult, doing so every day should be a breeze! We know that I am a creature of habit though, and this is how I have chosen to cope with the past six Aprils, so here we go!

My themes have typically had some sort of music basis with the likes of movie soundtracks, angsty eighties, sappy seventies. I was reluctant to delve into the nineties...until now. The decade started with huge heartbreak, moved on to college graduation, then floundering to find some purpose in my world, another relationship that was bound to work out until the moment it was destined to go down in flames. By the mid-nineties I was engaged, got married, had my first child and closed out the decade pregnant with my second child. No way could any particular style of music define that decade for me, but maybe it will be fun to try to reconstruct some of what was blasting out of my car's CD player.

As I settled into the mid-nineties, I was also happy to listen to less angst (less of the ex-boyfriend's Grateful Dead for at least a little while) and find something more fresh. My husband and I saw Dave Matthews Band twice, and I was newly pregnant each time (this may explain why we didn't go to any more of their shows). Watching the string player was absolutely mesmerizing! I was a huge fan of Under the Table and Dreaming, as well as So Much to Say off of the album Crash. However, as the band's following grew to epic numbers, my interest waned and stayed rooted with the classic CD I initially fell for.

Here is one of my favorites...


  1. Boyd Tinsley on violin...OMG so awesome. I saw them twice too, in 98 at the Oakland Coliseum and 99 at the Gorge Amphitheatre. Dave ended up moving to Seattle cause his wife is a doctor there. I liked their first few albums, and the one with 'Grey Street' that came out in 2003. Also love me some Grateful Dead!

  2. I found you on A to Z one year and you've cracked me up ever since. This 90s April blast should be interesting....Did not know this tune. I shall no doubt learn a lot this month

  3. Ah, the nineties. A lot went on in the nineties. This brings back memories. My good friend in grad school loved the Dave Matthews Band, so I heard a lot of it. This should be a fun month of reminiscing!

  4. It's my birthday month and I am so excited that you choose April for these posts!!

  5. I've been reading all your posts for the A-Z challenge....the nineties are such a blur to me: graduate school, moving across the country twice and five different states, plus two children....I think I lost brain cells! And not in a fun way! I like the Cranberries selection. I look forward to seeing/hearing all of them!