Saturday, April 28, 2018

X is for...


Trying to recapture part of the soundtrack from my life during the 90's is my theme for the a-z challenge this year

Obviously many of you have your own soundtracks from your time spent in the nineties. Today I am going to throw in a couple of eXtras to help Kari, from A Graceful Life, celebrate her birthday today! 

No Rain...Blind Melon, 1992
The music, the lyrics, the dancing bees...seriously. Of course I loved this song, mostly in the summer with the car windows down again. I am choosing this song for Kari because her writing is a super fun escape for me, she is always just a few keystrokes away, and I am hoping the dancing bees make her smile.

Buddy Holly...Weezer, 1994
Some retro fun, plus I am always a sucker for songs about quirky couples trying to make it work. I am choosing this song, but mainly this video, for Kari because of the nostalgia. A fantastic throwback to simpler times with respect for the characters who lived there.


  1. So happy little dancing bee girl found her people!

  2. Okay FINALLY I am commenting!
    So the song No Rain, is a favorite of mine and of Ella's too. We talk about how we need to find our tribe in life, and the bee girl finally finds "her people".

    Thank you so much for sharing this series. Your blog always gives me something to look forward to each day. :)

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