Sunday, April 29, 2018

Y is for...

You Oughta Know...Alanis Morissette, 1995

Trying to recapture part of the soundtrack from my life during the 90's is my theme for the a-z challenge this year

Where was Alanis in the eighties, or at least earlier in the nineties, during my peak break up years? I was planning my wedding by the time she busted out her Jagged Little Pill. It was odd to be filled with an almost nostalgia for broken-hearted days. She just captured it all so completely - angst, hurt, anger and a healthy dose of crass.


  1. Absolutely talented writer......she did capture that era at the right moment. It was played a lot in our household by a teen

  2. Man, I remember hearing this song for the first time in my friend's car and she said, "it's about Uncle Joey on Full House", and I was all "SHUT YOUR MOUTH!".

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