Friday, April 20, 2018

Q is for...

Quit Playing Games...Backstreet Boys, 1997

Trying to recapture part of the soundtrack from my life during the 90's is my theme for the a-z challenge this year

I admit that I was not a big fan of N'Sync, Brittney and their ilk. Truth be told though, I do believe they hold a special place in nineties music history...and the letter Q is tricky.

For some strange reason, we received a Backstreet Boys vhs tape with a kids' meal at Burger King in the late nineties. Have it your way, I want it that way - something like that. The video had a couple of songs at concerts, as well as some backstage footage. Of course the tape found its way into our son's viewing rotation amidst Bear and the Big Blue House and Blue's Clues. 


  1. I'm a closet boy band lover - not creepy. I've just always liked all these young'uns who can sing high. No problem with Backstreet Boys - sheer fun!

  2. I love NSync and The Backstreet Boys. I was in my late twenties when they were hugely popular, and would sing their songs loudly in my car on the way to work. I am sure onlookers were like WHO IS THAT CREEPY OLD WOMAN LISTENING TO BOY BANDS.