Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Random recurring theme

Since I didn't post last week, it seems like I must have stockpiled all sorts of important things to share. Let's go to the files. Ummmm, something seems familiar here. This blog demands nourishment!
"Pulled Pork Crunch"? Those words do not work together for me! Sometimes I save photos of food because they strike me as odd. Other times I see something I think I have to try and am afraid I will forget an ingredient (or forget the whole idea all together).
Must make honey avocado toast! Must also stop being so impressed with my salad bar creations that I document them.
It really was delicious though. Speaking of delicious, I have yet to meet an arancini I didn't like.
Beet rice balls? Yes, please! Other times I guess I take photos simply to make you jealous! Kisses!
Oh, don't sell yourself short cookie dough, you are way better than just edible! Did somebody say "cookie"?

Yikes! Is that where she wants her cookies? Surely there must be pictures of something other than food! What else interests me? Legos! Sales!
 Terrible disappointments! 5% - HA!


  1. I'm probably the only person alive who dislikes honey. I'll have to go look up what an arancini is!

  2. Rice Beet Balls >eek< not sure about that

  3. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited,Thank you for sharing good topic.


  4. The rice beet balls also stopped me in my tracks. Hmm. But thank goodness for anything with Hershey Kisses.
    5% off expensive is still expensive. I love Legos but they aren't fooling anybody with a "sale".

  5. Those pants!!! OMG didn't her mama teach her better?

  6. Oh my goodness, I wouldn't want toddlers following me around and trying to feed me while wearing those pants. Five percent off? Pffft. That's less than the sales tax.