Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Random carbs and more

It is snowing here in Central New York...that does not seem to be very random these days, nor is it new or different. It just is. I have apparently collected a few other things for us to discuss though. These are in order of occurrence, not importance!

Why isn't anybody eating the dishwasher pods? I think these look pretty enticing in the jar my friend has...
 Do any of you collate your snacks?
 If so, how many different bags does it take? (Don't worry, I did look up the word and see it also means "light, informal snack".) Bring out the fancy, heavy snacks because the girl did get into, what is now admittedly, her top choice college!
Does that stress me out? Not when I went to pick up the boy at college and grab some dinner... 
 ...(Although I could have stressed over the toppings.) This place was fantastic - Pi Craft - they stretch your dough and then you move through a topping lineup question showdown before the pie goes in the oven...
 ...then you can pick some after cooking toppings like basil and balsamic glaze...
 ...yum! He may have looked a little shaggy...
 ...but all of the lego bags made him easier to recognize! Speaking of "looks", does high-waisted satin Barbie really deserve to be in the "Fashionista" line?
 I am pretty sure that owning a shamrock cookie cutter obligates one to make the cookies...
 ...just like if someone is kind enough to share their family Irish soda bread recipe, one really ought to make it!
(And if all of these carbs are kind enough to be in my presence, the least I can do is eat them!)


  1. I need to take notes when reading these posts (I mean that in THE best possible way).
    I am sure someone at Glad is at the unemployment office today.
    That brick oven is more drool worthy to me than the actual pizza.
    But that pizza....mmmm.

    Also, my condolences on all the snow. I couldn't handle that mid-March. Although, I feel like I just jinxed the Chicago area now.

  2. awesome blizzard post. I laughed out loud at the laundry pods in a jar - yum, looks like a treat, for sure.
    and Shamrock cookies...heck yeah - only greener (some veg to cut the carbs?)

  3. Sadly I am a very boring pizza person. Plain cheese for me and non-sweet sauce. I can't stand sweet sauce on pizza. Thank god for Papa Gino's, Regina Pizzeria and a couple local places. Congrats to your daughter! I liked the juxtaposition of her acceptance packet which is not to the college on her sweatshirt.

  4. Yayyyy! Wooohooo! Congratulations to your daughter. That's awesome! Boy, that pizza looks good. I like the hand stretched look. But those kinds of custom order restaurants stress me out. They talk so fast, I can't understand half of what they're saying, and they roll their eyes when I forget an item and they have to take a half step backward. Oy!

  5. CARBS!!! PIZZA!! After the colonoscopy I want ALL THE CARBS!!!

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