Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The random comes Marching in

Oooh! Spring is getting so close-it even appears on the current calendar page. You know what that means in Central New York? Time to snowblow the field for spring sport tryouts! 
(Sorry tennis players.)

My friend and I had ONE pizza delivered. This is what we were handed in a plastic bag with it...
 ...missing from this picture are the dozen or so paper plates we also received. It was just a regular sized pizza, so I am not sure how many of us they thought were sharing it (or how much crushed red pepper one can safely put on a slice of pizza).

The lighting certainly doesn't do my daughter's mushy avocado face on her turkey burger any favors, but it still made me laugh.
 (Maybe because she is 17?)

Speaking of delicious round shaped foods...
If you are going to name your place "halfmoon", I am going to have super high expectations for the halfmoon cookies. Oh my goodness, they did not disappoint!

And just when you thought things were safe and I had slipped into some sort of food themed post, and maybe we would discuss Fingerlings, as in potatoes...
 ...nope! Terror for the low low price of $14.99


  1. What fingerlings Unicorn? Yeah I will pass.

  2. always that dash of creepy in a random post. Terror creep!

  3. We got some more snow this week. I feel like spring will never get here.
    DONT'T EVEN get me started on all the waste that goes on in carry out food.
    Our local Chinese place puts at least 25 sweet and sour packets in our bag.
    If you need that much sweet and sour, maybe you need to do something about the food. :)

  4. Do you put your finger up the fingerlings' butts? Eeeeeek. That's sooo funny about all the parm cheese and stuff they sent! Just a tad overkill!

  5. Brrrr.....I hope spring arrives soon. It was below freezing this morning in Central Alabama, but thankfully no snow! What's with the pizza condiments and napkins? So odd.....but not as odd as the creeptastic fingerlings!

  6. Boy oh boy, you guys are getting pummeled by one nor'easter after another. The clouds are gorgeous, though, right? (I feel your stink eye.) What I notice about those fingerlings is that they seem to be selling surprisingly well. There are empty hooks. What people want to do with their finger is none of my business.

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