Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 15 - Dropping the Anchor

In honor of my husband's birthday today, here is my letter to the Anchor Bar, for the contest this week...

Dear Anchor Bar,

I grew up in Syracuse, New York and ate my fair share of chicken wings, or so I thought. There was not necessarily a lot of consistency in the products, but more like varying levels of good enough. Then, I married a man from Buffalo.

In addition to the silent vow to root for the Bills and Sabres, I also may have unknowingly agreed to be more critical of all chicken wings served outside of the Buffalo zip codes. I was delighted years ago to find your product here on our Central New York grocery store shelves. Not only could I provide the right flavor chicken at home (except for that time I allegedly did not put enough sauce on), but we could bring a bit of Buffalo in a bottle whenever we traveled downstate to see other relatives. The newer plastic bottles have made me comfortable shipping your fabulous sauce off to other states to make sure they know what wing sauce is supposed to taste like as well. (They have also made this klutz more comfortable in her own kitchen.)

I have never tried to use a substitute for Anchor Bar sauce at our house. If we do run out, someone is heading to the store. The kids and I prefer to use your sauce on boneless flour dredged and browned chicken, that we then bake in the oven with your sauce on it. This alleviates the pressure of making sure we have cleaned the bones well enough. You know what I am talking about I bet!

Pass the celery,

Did they take me under their wings? Nope, but you can be sure that the bottle of Anchor Bar wing sauce is still coming out for the husband's birthday dinner tonight! 

No points for me, but I will drown my sorrows in some bleu cheese!
Current total = 35 points



  1. I love wings but not the Buffalo style b/c I'm a wimp when it comes to hot n spicy.

  2. Never tried, nor even heard of, Anchor Bar. We use Franks Red Hot sauce. Then again, I'm nowhere near Buffalo, so that might be why.

  3. Happy Birthday Andrea's hubby! Hope you enjoy your birthday meal, cooked by that illustrious wife of yours.

  4. There is a restaurant near where I live that has the best wings.
    They grew up in Buffalo and have a sign for the Anchor Bar in the eating area.
    Mmmmmmm now I want wings.

  5. I love Buffalo-style wings! Now I am hungry....

  6. I want wings so bad right now. Maybe Anchor will see your post and send you a lifetime supply of the secret sauce and then we can all come over for dinner!

  7. I've never heard of it. They should have sent you a case of the stuff in exchange for that excellent letter.


  8. Never heard of this stuff....My hubby loves wings...I totally have to be in the mood. Well, that pretty much goes for anything I guess.


  9. Too bad, so sad. Love, The Competition