Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Not Tuesday?

Whoops! I guess the holiday put me one day behind schedule. Kind of like the rubbish removal company...hmmm, any similarities between that and bringing out some random? Perhaps. 

Just a couple of items as I have a fetal position to get into as I contemplate my son and daughter starting their senior and freshman years of high school tomorrow. Oh, and I start a new job on Friday (rocking back and forth now). Along those lines, this does seem like good news...

Canning season has begun. This was round one...
...rounds two and four were shuttershy. (Round three was the salsa.)

Can't forget a few NY State Fair pics...
The sand sculpture this year was a Dr. Seuss tribute. Here are a couple of my favorite parts...
 I am glad pigs can't read... this was posted on his pen...

Let's see, I also tried that crafty new way to cut a watermelon without removing the rind.
Oops, I will stick to my usual, but it was kind of neat to see the other cubes fall out.

We had a heavy rain that left a dragonfly casualty in our driveway. I didn't realize he was dead until I ran out to take a picture. The asphalt made a terrible backdrop, so I brought him to a more natural final resting spot. (One teenager might have suggested that this was a bit much, the other one just didn't see it.)

Gotta run...Time for chocolate lunch chocolate!



  1. Eat lots of chocolate for me, too!

    New job? Congratulations! Will they let you wear your cape on the job?

  2. I wonder how this chocolate news will go over at my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. Just maybe yes, the dead dragonfly was a bit much. Gotta go now to hunt up some chocolate. See you late.

  3. You start a new job on Friday? That's kinda cruel. But good luck!!!! Of course not as cruel as putting cooking suggestions on a live pig's pen. lol

  4. Poor pig. They shouldn't taunt him that way. I love the chocolate information. How did you get a job? No one will hire me. I keep telling myself it's because I'm so old.


  5. OMG the pig possibilities?????
    And butter sculptures are why I love America.

  6. Chocolate.
    The Three Basic Food Groups.

  7. wow...that pig is ugly all day. He will definitely look better as food someday. Or crayons. I'm dying over the dragonfly.....


  8. "Maybe it's just me..." has been included in our Sites To See #392. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.