Friday, September 26, 2014

The Edge of Seventeen* - Dear Stew

* You know I cannot resist an eighties song reference!

So here we are at week 17, still chugging along in our quest to share the love with companies that matter to us. Sure, we may call it a contest, but when you are down a few points, you might of us might forget more things than the other...whoah, SQUIRREL! Moving on...

In honor of the guests we have coming this weekend, let's have some Stew (as in Stew Leonard's)!

Dear Stew,

I feel like we should be on a first name basis, as you have certainly become one of the family, or at the very least, one of Grandpa Mike’s friends. Every time we get ready to pack up our car in Central New York to travel down to White Plains, I hear the question “Are we going to Stew’s?” They know the answer. Grandpa Mike will fit their shopping odyssey into the schedule for as long as these teens request it.

I remember getting invited on the Sprain River Parkway adventure once, several years ago, back when smaller children had more needs. Soon after, my help was not necessary and the Funseeker group was formed. This elite group of three has been making trips to your place at least quarterly for over seven years.

Mind you, my father is a regular shopper on his own in our absence, regaling us with stories of your sales flier…the crab legs, the rib roasts, the seltzer. He’s carved your pumpkins, roasted your turkeys and decorated your Christmas trees.

Breakfast is not my responsibility, nor any of my business, on “Stew’s Run” mornings. The menu is just part of the tale they have to tell when the trio gets back home. There always appears to be a bagel that I think acts as some sort of foundation for the mandatory chicken fries and ice cream. The report is not complete without a rundown of the day’s samples as well. A fine chicken wing assortment is always brought back to those of us waiting at home, along with whatever else they can’t manage to stuff themselves with at the store, but don’t want to miss.

My father spoke of the “attractions” once as a child might describe Disney World. The kids held back snickers as they confirmed the sightings of the singing butter and cow, dancing banana, fisherman doing tricks and the fog horn.

Your store has brought me so much second hand joy for how I have seen it through the Funseekers’ eyes. Some legends are more about the lore surrounding them. Thanks for providing a destination for two kids and their grandfather to share epic adventures and make lasting memories.

I see on your website that you are introducing crogels…the gang will be giddy with anticipation.



So what did I hear back from Stew?
It's true
I'm blue 
No word
From Stew 

The Funseekers still will be seeking fun in those aisles though! 

Zero points for me this week, so I remain at 37 points.

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  1. Grandpa Mike! White Plains! A look back!! What's not to love??? You got hosed. AGAIN. Love, The Competition

  2. Man! That ain't right. You should have totally gotten a letter back for that one!

  3. I don't know how I've never heard of Stew Leonard's, what with their dancing banana and all.

  4. I wanna go, but I won't if they don't send you anything. I don't know where it is anyway.


  5. I don't know this place. And since they didn't respond, I don't think I want to.


  6. This sounds like a fun little contest you're participating in! Too bad you didn't hear back from Stew, but your description sure makes me want to go. :)