Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 14 - Old El Paso

Next up in the contest, I have one of my family's Taco Tuesday essentials...Old El Paso hard shells, ¡olé!

Dear Fiesta Friends,

The cafeteria at my elementary school could have tarnished my vision of what crunchy tacos were meant to be for life. However, after over three decades (yikes) I have seen the light of what a hard shell taco can and should be. After some trial and error I also found that there is no reason for the shells to be shiny with grease, thereby making Old El Paso our favorite. Even when I inadvertently nearly burn them every week, they still taste delicious. I just realized that this could be due, in part, to the fact that I have never read the fine print right here on the box telling me not to use my toaster oven. Well, I have learned something new today.

I am sure it has been hard to perfect the taco shell packaging issue. I am typically impressed by how well your shells hold up with minimal extra packaging or plastic. However, please see the enclosed picture of our last box of Old El Paso yellow corn shells. Luckily we only use half of a box per meal, so we did have enough for one round.

Falling to pieces,
 Andrea Casarsa
Mother, blogger, lover of tacos
Did they think I was loco? Well, they certainly seemed to focus on one part of my letter more than the other...
...I thought I had sprinkled enough sugar with my mention of shell shards, but alas, I was categorized as a disappointed customer. Free taco shells though, yahoo! That's five points for me, bringing my current tally to THIRTY-FIVE POINTS!

Don't forget to check out the competition!


  1. Ok, taco rant coming. I just bought a hard taco kit last weekend. All shells intact however I always break the first one removing it from package. No big deal. But then came the soul crushing discovery. They changed the sauce mix. No longer the yummy packet of powder. Now it's a disgusting liquid sauce packet. Not the same. So disappointed. I hate change

  2. I love hard taco shells but hate when they do that.
    By the way, I turn them in nacho chips and use them for nachos!
    You are welcome.

  3. My taco shell always breaks and I end up having taco salad!

  4. Congratulations! That's a nice response. I don't make tacos anymore, but back in the olden days, the shells always broke so I used flour tortillas and we had soft tacos.


  5. I love tacos!!! But I have to treat the shells so carefully because they do break way too easily. Glad you got some coupons!

  6. I think you should use the disappointed customer approach more often. You would probably get more free stuff!

  7. When that happens, I just break 'em and make a taco salad. Which is better for me anyway.

  8. I usually end up with the crushed shells, too, and El Paso is practically on the next block. Maybe the guys who load the trucks play football with the boxes.

  9. I'm coming over for tacos. Ole!!