Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hey! Remember her?
Well, she has been busy! Prepare to be amazed and inspired, not only by how incredible this woman is, but by the possibilities this bra must hold...
...and to think I just wanted a bra that fit! Do I "do" enough to be the one who perseveres? 

Next, the gentlemen 'wears. The monkey in the field appreciated this fine male offering...
...however, she was disappointed that her fantasy was interrupted there with a reminder that he may have smelly parts. If you're going to let a girl dream, let her dream!

OK, I am going to need everyone to come clean on this one...
See how that says "bestseller" up there? I want a show of hands from all of you who bought this!!!!

Last, but not least, the credit was shared for this one. She was the spotter, but I had to get out of the car to take the picture.
Um...so this bump is a hump? Typo at the sign manufacturing place? Or are they offering something quick?



  1. That 'odor control' statement on the manties put me right off. So gross. lol

  2. If that bra is 'for women who do' a bottle of gin until they're unconscious, then I'll take a dozen. I wonder if it also cooks, cleans, looks after the kids and bemoans it's fate in life.
    As for the male wear, I DO NOT want to know what it is that needs drying faster.

  3. Hey...this sounds like a job for superboobs!!


  4. I have no idea what that cat hair item might be.


  5. Speed Hump.....for a quickie??? Lol

  6. Sorry. I'm still stuck on "be good to your manhood."

  7. OK, I really really really need to sign up for that bra! Really.

    I'm still giggling like a 12 year old boy on the 'be good to your manhood'. Or I might have drooled like the all-American woman I am at the hunka hunka hotty. ;)

    I'm sitting on both hands in case I have an itch or something - don't want you thinking I bought that book. Although... I wonder if you can do the same crafts with hair from Shelties. They like to leave it ALL over the place. The hubby rescued my sanity and got one of those robot vacuums - I'm in heaven, no more hair, and I don't have to vacuum the first floor anymore! Woot!

    Oh, sorry, I mighta hit a hump in the road... I've seen the speed humps - they're usually bigger than a regular old speed bump, and way more fun to go speeding over. Not that I ever speed across one or anything. Much.