Sunday, September 21, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Milestone

52 weeks ago today the cape was donned for the first the name of embarrassing my children fitness, healthier habits and distracting myself from the awkward appearance of power walking. You may wonder how one commemorates such an occasion? Apparently by spending the afternoon on the couch and consuming decent quantities of sugar-filled goodies. I am a paradox of sorts.
Please note: My daughter did not make this cake FOR me today, as she stayed true to form in her usual attempt to ignore Pedomemom's existence. She just let me pose with her cake.


  1. That cake looks delicious!!! I've been trying to eat healthier and lord knows I've spent the last 6 months walking more than I ever have in my life and it made no difference whatsoever.

  2. I like the way you think. Even superheroes need to rest and recharge (with sugar). Nice looking cake. I will now celebrate in your honor with cheesecake

  3. I would be highly disappointed if that cape didn't take on some sugar for the occasion.


  4. I celebrated by eating a handful of peanut m and m's.
    I am a giver.

  5. Woohoo! What a milestone! This certainly does call for sugar. I will eat some very special cookies that a certain superhero sent me in honor of the occasion!

  6. CAKE!!! I bought three Duncan Hines option for Joey's birthday tomorrow. I may make all three. Happy Anniversary!!!