Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's get ready to ramble!

Yes, it is Tuesday. I did Tuesday sorts of things, so there is no logical explanation for how I got so distracted. Was it losing my Starbucks latte virginity to a hot salted caramel number? Maybe. Now that my seat on the couch has been secured, let's just chat, shall we? No photos, sorry. I think I have some in the other room intended for your viewing pleasure, but if I move my feet I could very well stand to lose my seat!

Perhaps my sweeping attempts to strike items off the old to-do list sidetracked me from gathering my random thoughts sooner. I dropped one last piece of paper off at the car insurance agent's office so that they can go ahead and proceed to raise our rates, since we have a teen male driver in the house now. I might have forgotten to put that item on my list since the paper itself stood as concrete evidence and clutter that it needed to be handled. So desperate was I to scribble over words that I went to the DMV. I know, right! I got prompt and friendly service, aaaaaaand I have to check back in and visit them again Thursday. Wait, nooooo! This means I have to keep that item open? Rats. 

There is an August birthday present in the dining room that needs to be mailed, and probably would have been if I had entered the item on some cute lined paper. I need to sew some badges on my husband's referee shirts. I went so far as to dig out the needle and thread last week to get that done, but then got a text from the hubs that he didn't need them for that weekend's game. Critical error! He should have just let me stitch quietly in front of the television that Friday night. (Yes, I am fully aware that I would have cursed him in my mind if I had done that work "for nothing".) If I go put that agenda item in writing, I might actually do it. I wonder if I should just go all in and make myself a chore chart, complete with shiny star stickers.

The lists used to start as things I was afraid I'd forget and then started to shift to things I was just trying to ignore. Lately I have been avoiding the inclusion of tasks that are difficult. I don't need that kind of pressure staring up at me. I can see the brand new rug that I brought home, all rolled up, back in June. I do not need to actually document the fact that I should decide what I am doing with the floor that lives below where that rug will go. A major DIY project, that's what lies under there! 

Speaking of slightly larger projects, remember this one I was working on? That family room window thing was in my early summer productivity marathon. I replaced the black foam core boards that were so artistically and poorly cut and displayed. Boom! Item off the list, but then when the sun came out, I realized that since I used white foam core, there were some bad shadow issues that showed through. This caused "family room window thing" to remain on the list. I finally covered the back with some black posterboard about a month or so ago, and decided it looked good enough to cross the item off. Sunday afternoon, while we worked to cross "watch a full day of football" off the list, the whole damn thing fell out of the window. Is it wrong that I was most upset about having to put it back on the list? Forget that the thing could've taken out the dog.

Speaking of taking out the dog, he probably needs to be let outside...or taken to the vet to find out what the heck he is so scratchy about. I suppose I could add that phonecall to the list for tomorrow morning.



  1. I love making lists. I just make them and rarely do anything to remove something from the list. Fun eh!

  2. Lists give me anxiety. Your to-do list definitely gave me a kink in my neck. Well, except the "watch a whole day of football" that sounds like the greatest "to do" you could possibly put on your list. I'm now inspired to write "drink unspeakable amounts of booze until I pass out" on my "to do" list so that I feel accomplished.

  3. I have never had a Latte.
    I don't drink coffee so I never thought I would like a Latte.
    I stick to my hot chocolate.
    But that whore Latte always tries to woo me.

  4. Mmmmm...lattes. Yum!

    I made a to do list once. I have no idea where I put it, however. I'm a terrible organizer!

  5. Ah, it's a joy to have a male teen driver in the house.


  6. I've thought about adding my stepson to my insurance but he's 21. I really don't wanna pay those rates.

  7. Gosh...I hope that August birthday forgives you. Wait, what? SQUIRREL.