Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remembering the random

While the A-Z challenge does have me forgetting to do all sorts of unimportant things, like laundry, I have not forgotten about the random. 

I headed out this morning with sunglasses on, optimistic about the day ahead. I walked purposefully into the grocery store, thinking about the steaks I was going to stop at the butcher for on my way home, pondering what fabulous side dishes I should be gathering the ingredients for. I was foot loose and fancy free, as in I didn't even have an actual list. Yes, I know, I was living on the edge. All of that walking on sunshine made me a little crazy I guess. After I grabbed a small basket full of items (that may or may not have had the power to combine into anything fabulous), I walked out to find...wait for it...snow. I proceeded to the meat buying market (yes, I could've said meat market, but that sounds sketchy) and gathered some provisions for comfort food in the face of the gray day. Now with dinner a mere two hours away, the sun is shining ever so brightly. You win mother nature, well played, you win. I will never figure you into my meal plans again.

Speaking of food, feast your eyes on this... that is bacon! Nine slices to a pound bacon.

It did not occur to me to spread the candles across more than one cupcake. These thirteen candles for my daughter represent whatever is left of my sanity going up in smoke!

So now I guess we collect candy? I am so disappointed that we don't have any Halloween m&m's laying around. (Then again these might still be here when Halloween rolls around again.) Please note: since this photo was taken an actual bag of Easter m&m's arrived on the scene, but I am too lazy to restage this intricate shoot.

Seriously? One more reason I do not love going to Walmart. This is what they are peddling? I know it is funny for a few seconds, but do you REALLY want to be the bride or groom in this scenario? Neither one is portrayed in a very favorable light, in my opinion.

Sunshine Hello Kitty? I guess Sunburnt Melanoma Kitty wouldn't have sounded as catchy. There was also Jaundiced Hello Kitty, in a fashionable yellow hue.

I need a snack. Huh, I guess that isn't really very random, as it is more of a constant situation!



  1. Well, lucky for you, you have a plethora of M&M varieties to choose from for your snack!! Those things don't last long enough to be "collectables" in my house.

  2. M&Ms do not last the time it takes to open the bag at my house. Your family must have some serious will power!

  3. Hello Kitty is my favorite (speaking of eighties flashbacks) ;P The snow is getting out of's mid-April!!! :/

    Randomlicious as always!


  4. Hey, don't bash Hello Kitty. Everybody else dyes their hair, why not her. Not her fault she's no good at picking flattering colors.

    Obviously a guy chose those colors. ;)

    This would be fun to do when bored. Go through Walmart and find things to make snarky comments about. I'll have to add that to my list so I don't forget. (Cause I often forget what isn't on my list.)

  5. Have you thought about bacon? Maybe with some melty M&M's thrown in? LOVE the cupcake!

  6. I really can't believe that bride and groom. You'd either have a very sick sense of humor, or none at all, to put that on a cake!